Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 650: Same Birthday

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Chapter 650: Same Birthday

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Xinghe and Mubai suddenly looked at each other. Mubai asked cautiously, "Grandfather, what does this have to do with the Shen family\'s second daughter?"

Elder Xi explained, "Oh, I forgot to tell you that Lin Shuang and Shen Ru were born in the same hospital and on the same date…" At this point, Elder Xi\'s face fell. The shock was mirrored on Mubai\'s and Xinghe\'s faces as well. They looked at one another because their train of thought led them to the same horrifying conclusion!

Xinghe stood up suddenly, her eyes blazing with excitement. "This Shen Ru does have secret dealings with the Lin family!"

Elder Xi said with a serious expression, "But is this possible? Would the Lin family really do something this inhumane?"

"We\'ll find out soon enough!" Xinghe turned to Mubai and said, "We need Lu Qi\'s help."

"I\'ll contact him now." Mubai moved to oblige. Xinghe then turned to make a request of Ali\'s group. "I need one of you to go back to City T to fetch someone for me."

"Who?" they asked.

"The girl we saved from Country Y."

As comprehension dawned on Ali, she stuttered excitedly, "I think I understand what Lin Shuang\'s problem is! She and that girl, they…"

Xinghe nodded with a smile. "That\'s right, they look uncannily similar."

In this world, there might be many that looked similar to one another, but Xinghe felt there couldn\'t be so many coincidences. The girl was found in IV Syndicate\'s main base, this meant that her identity was definitely something important.

Perhaps she was really related to Lin Shuang. If she was, then didn\'t this mean the Lin family was related to IV Syndicate as well?

The more Xinghe thought about it, the more suspicions she found regarding the Lin family. This time, she predicted they would not only ruin the Lin family but also exposed many hidden conspiracies!

Xinghe\'s intuition had always been crazy sharp, since her suspicion was already on the Lin family, then she would pursue them to the end of the world. Mubai shared her sentiment.

They contacted Lu Qi and revealed to him certain information in confidence. Lu Qi agreed to lend his aid.

Sam and Wolf returned to City T to fetch the girl.

Now, they only needed to wait. After the answer was revealed, a raging storm would ravage through City A with the Lin family at the very eye of the tornado!

After Lin Xuan and Tong Yan got engaged, Lin Xuan would take her to visit Shen family, Tong family, and even the president and Madam President.

Lin Xuan was a dashing young man with a way to get into people\'s hearts. Through his efforts, their prejudice towards the Lin family slowly lightened. Furthermore, this was the happiest they had ever seen Tong Yan, so they gradually convinced themselves perhaps this was not a bad idea for Tong Yan to marry Lin Xuan.

Their impression of the Lin family slowly improved.

Shen Ru praised the Lin family in front of them daily and slowly they felt that perhaps the Lin family was not as bad as they thought. After all, on many incidents, there was only suspicion and no solid proof. They had been friends for so many years and they had shown nothing worth suspecting. So perhaps… the Lin family was really innocent?

Other than helping the Lin family clear their name, Shen Ru even worked extra hard to push the blame onto the Xi family. It was because the Xi family wanted to take revenge on the Lin family that they would come up with so many lies to frame the Lin family.

All of them were led astray by Shen Ru\'s misdirection. They slowly become confused, but it was true that they had started mending bridges with the Lin family and distancing themselves away from the Xi family.