Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 649: Special Treatment

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Chapter 649: Special Treatment

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She might be the key to unravelling the Lin family!

Lin Shuang was Elder Lin\'s only daughter and the runt of the family. She had been a sickly child since she was born and was sent out to be taken care of by the Lin family\'s relatives in the country side as a young girl. When she was 18, she moved to City T to attend university.

After graduation, she returned to the country side and she was only moved to the Lin family five years ago. She had a ghost like existence in the family, not many people knew of her.

The only reason Mubai could attempt to guess at her identity was because he heard Elder Lin\'s daughter had a frail constitution and spent her days cooped up in her room to take care of her illness. Other than that, they had already met the other important womenfolk in the Lin family, so she was the only one left they hadn\'t met. However, there was indeed something about Lin Shuang that surprised Xinghe and Mubai. She looked suspiciously familiar…

Xinghe\'s research brought up nothing beyond the basics. However, when they returned to Hills Residence, Elder Xi provided them with some more information.

"Why do you ask about her? That daughter of his is like non-existent, no one has really seen her. She was sent away since she was a baby, I hear it was because she needed the fresh air of the country side to aid in her sickness. None of us have seen her and she has flown way below everyone\'s radar until we all assumed the Lin family only had three sons and had no idea he still has a daughter. Why, is there something wrong with Lin Shuang?"

Xinghe nodded. "There are indeed curiosities about Lin Shuang, but I don\'t understand, how come the Lin family doesn\'t seem to care about her existence? The only daughter of the family has fallen sick, but instead of finding her the best doctor in Hwa Xia which would be in City A, they sent her away to the country side and made her stay there?"

Even though Lin Shuang had returned to the Lin family five years ago, she still looked as pale as ever. One had to be suspect how Lin family treated her for her to end up in a state like that.

Elder Xi answered, "Ol\' Lin heavily values boys over girls, but you\'re right, he shouldn\'t have ignored her like this. He values profit above all else so keeping the daughter around for even a good marriage is more beneficial that the way they currently treat her. I also don\'t understand why they are so adamant on pretending like she doesn\'t exist."

"It is indeed very weird. All the girls from the Lin family are given a good education, even Lin Yun was arranged to join the national intelligence agency, so the Lin family\'s treatment of Lin Shuang is indeed very unusual," Xinghe observed.

Mubai nodded. "It is, if only we knew why."

Ali who had been listening raised her hand hesitantly. "Maybe I know why."

"Why?" Xinghe and the rest looked at her in surprise. Even Sam\'s group was shocked. How could she know the reason?

Ali coughed and explained, "Maybe she is the same as me. I was abandoned by my parents when I was a baby because I was born during on inauspicious date. They worried I would bring ill fate to the family, perhaps, this Lin Shuang shares a similar fate as me."

Xinghe nodded slightly. "You have a point."

Mubai smirked coldly. "I have to say, for a family like the Lin family, it is not surprising that they will do something like that. Those that bring ill fate will have to be removed, like Lin Yun…"

Elder Xi shook his head and laughed. "Unlikely, the Lin family is not that superstitious. Plus, how come I didn\'t hear people say that the Shen family\'s second daughter was an ill-fated woman? At the end of the day, Ol\' Lin will only see people, even his children, as profit-makers, but he is not a superstitious person."