Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 647: You Do Know the Truth

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Chapter 647: You Do Know the Truth

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"That man is leaving," Ali suddenly said. Xinghe and Mubai turned to look, and indeed, he was heading towards the back garden. The Lin family\'s party was held at their own home, the place was huge, including their back garden.

Xinghe hesitated before saying, "Let\'s go introduce ourselves."

"Why not?" Mubai decided to play along. Since they were there to feel their enemies out, why not start with Lin Qin?

The trio of them slipped quietly to the back garden.

Lin Qin wanted to get away from the celebration because it had nothing to do with him. He didn\'t want to see them happy because it only worked to highlight his own misery. Therefore, he chose to steal out to the back garden for some alone time. He didn\'t realize people were following him.

"Mr. Lin Qin, is it?" Xinghe\'s clear voice rang out behind him.

Lin Qin turned out curiously and his face dropped when he saw them. "It\'s you people!"

He knew what Xinghe and Mubai looked like. However, other than a drawn face, Lin Qin didn\'t show them much hostility. Xinghe had noticed this earlier. During the party, Lin Qin had already seen them, but he chose to ignore them; he didn\'t direct any resentment or anger toward them.

This was a complete contrast to Xinghe\'s first meeting with Lin Qian; the girl really wanted to kill her because she thought Lin Yun was murdered by Xinghe and Mubai.

If Lin Qian hated them so much, theoretically speaking, her father should treat them like his nemesis. However, Xinghe couldn\'t see any malice behind his eyes. Her suspicion was suddenly confirmed…

Lin Qin asked them guardedly, "Why did you follow me? What do you plan to do?"

Xinghe smiled good-naturedly. "We just want to tell you something, don\'t worry."

"What is it? Tell me and then leave me alone!" Lin Qin grumbled impatiently.

Xinghe stared sharply at him and announced suddenly, "It was not us who killed Lin Yun—"

Lin Qin was startled. However, he didn\'t show any signs of anger or desire to interrogate, his eyes darted around with complicated emotions.

"So, you have known the truth all along," Xinghe whispered and studied every tick of emotion on his face. "Mr. Lin, you do know it was Lin Xuan who killed her, right?"

"I have no idea what you\'re talking about!" Lin Qin retorted agitatedly. "You two are the ones who killed my daughter, so how dare you lie to my face! Since today is the Lin family\'s auspicious date, I\'m not going to pursue this any further, so please just leave me be."

Lin Qin said his piece that seemed to have been memorized and left hurriedly, afraid that they would catch up to him.

Mubai and Xinghe looked at each other and the news was communicated silently. Lin Qin does know the truth.

He knew it was Lin Xuan who killed his daughter, but he chose to do nothing about it. There could only be one explanation, her death was ordered by Elder Lin!

Or Elder Lin approved of Lin Xuan\'s decision to kill Lin Yun!

Since Elder Lin had already gave his stamp of approval, what else could Lin Qin do? In fact, even Lin Kang probably agreed to dispose of Lin Yun.

Lin Qin\'s resentment was suppressed because he had no say in this family.

This Lin family was not only cruel to outsiders…

But to their own as well.