Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 646: Don't Let Go of My Hand

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Chapter 646: Don\'t Let Go of My Hand

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Xinghe commented softly, "Looks like the Lin family is confident that this union will be their grand comeback."

Or else Elder Lin wouldn\'t have been so gutsy to purposely come to gloat in front of them.

Mubai scoffed. "Their confidence is warranted. Marrying Miss Tong equals to drawing in the Shen family, Tong family and the Madam President to their side, so why wouldn\'t they be confident?"

"Alas, this was done through a despicable method and none of them are really willing to stand in their corner."

"At the very least, they will stop harassing the Lin family."

"This is indeed a good move."

Xinghe scanned the room and saw many people in the process of sucking up to the Lin family. The Lin family, via this engagement, had aligned themselves to many powerful families, thus raising their status a lot. Naturally, this meant a lot of people couldn\'t wait to get into their good books. This inflated the Lin family\'s ego greatly.

However, did they really think after Lin Xuan married Tong Yan, everything would go smoothly? Not while the Xi family was still alive!

Xinghe studied the room and spotted many hidden complications.

"Have you realized, the Lin family is not as united as we think. That man over there is a Lin, right? He doesn\'t seem too happy about all this."

Mubai followed her gaze and spotted a middle-aged man nursing his own drink and problem. Mubai smiled. "That\'s the Lin family\'s third young master, or rather, Lin Yun\'s father."

"Lin Qin? The most insignificant of Elder Lin\'s three sons? I hear he has not achieved anything in his life. He\'s only a small government worker and is almost invisible in the Lin family power structure."

"That\'s right, you\'ve done your homework," Mubai praised. That she did, which was why Xinghe was adamant they go to the party that night. If there was a crack in the Lin family, then they would definitely make use of it.

"If Lin Qin knows it was Lin Xuan who killed his daughter, I wonder if he will turn on the rest of them," Xinghe suggested knowingly.

Mubai rejected it. "But we have no proof."

If they did, would the Lin family have survived until then?

"Actually, I\'m curious, why would Lin Xuan carry a bomb on him? At the time, he had no clue Lin Yun was about to be arrested," Xinghe observed. "Therefore, there must be something beyond the surface when it comes to this Lin Xuan."

"I bet the whole of the Lin family has plenty of things to hide. Stay close to me and don\'t wander off alone," Mubai reminded out of concern. They were after all in the Lin family\'s territory.

Xinghe nodded with a smile. "Don\'t worry, Ali is with me, I\'ll be fine."

Ali came along as Xinghe\'s secretary. She followed closely behind Xinghe like a real personal assistant, but she was really there as Xinghe\'s bodyguard.

Xinghe turned to look at Ali and the latter winked playfully at her. Furthermore, Xinghe did know some karate, so as long as any complication didn\'t involve a gun, she would be safe.

However, Mubai couldn\'t stop worrying. He held on to her hand, protecting her like she was the most precious thing in the world.

"In any case, stay close to me and don\'t let go of my hand," he warned her kindly.

"Okay." Xinghe wanted to laugh and say, You\'re the one who doesn\'t want to let go!

Ali, who followed behind them, rolled her eyes at another lovey-dovey showcase of theirs.