Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 644: Rush for Death

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Chapter 644: Rush for Death

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Elder Shen had done so much for the family since he was young. It was because of him that the Shen family could command the respect and influence the family had that day. Even his eldest daughter had done her best to continue the family\'s glorious legacy.

Alas, all that would go to waste when it came into Tong Yan\'s hands. There were so many guys in the world and she had to fall in love with that heartless thing from the Lin family. It was one thing if this was just a fling, but she had decided to surrender her whole life to him.

Did she really naively think she would still be cherished like she was now after she got married?

It wouldn\'t take long for the bunch of wolves from the Lin family to turn on her.

They might put up a smiling face around her now due to the Shen family and Tong family\'s influence, but the moment Elder Shen passed away and the president changed, her fate would change completely.

The Tong family on the other hand…

Unlike Shen family, Tong family was blessed with quite a number of children and grandchildren. She might be the young mistress of the house now, but in Chinese culture, a married daughter was no longer part of the house.

After her marriage, she would be a Lin, so the Tong family wouldn\'t waste time on her anymore and hurt their own people\'s prospects to help the Lin family. After some time, they would probably even forget Tong Yan existed.

Therefore, Tong Yan\'s latest move not only hurt herself but also the entire Shen family!

However, there was some positive sides to it as well, but they were all meant for the Lin family, since she practically sold herself and the Shen family out to help the Lin family accomplish their goals!

Furthermore, Tong Yan was originally on the winner\'s side. She could have stayed at the side line and watch the Lin family crumble, but now she willingly took on the Xi family\'s wrath. She could have enjoyed a life of peace, but she purposely chose the road of ruin. Therefore, Tong Yan not only had harmed herself and her family, she might not even end up with anything…

Elder Xi didn\'t pity Tong Yan, but he did feel sorry for Elder Shen.

When he returned home, Elder Xi sighed greatly when he explained the situation. He felt rueful for Elder Shen\'s situation.

"The old man is someone that deserves respect, but alas, his lifework is going to go to waste because of this defective by the name of Tong Yan. She\'s going to single-handedly bring down the whole Shen family," Elder Xi lamented.

Mubai didn\'t have time to care about another family\'s well-being, especially not one who once plotted against Xinghe\'s life.

"In other words, the Shen family at large still resents the Lin family? They didn\'t want to agree to this engagement?" he queried.

Elder Xi nodded. "That\'s right. Even though Tong Yan and Lin Xuan already did the deed, he didn\'t want to agree to it, but Shen Ru insisted that he say yes. With both Shen Ru and Tong Yan agreeing to this, what could an old man like him do?"

"Therefore, something must be wrong with this Shen Ru," Xinghe observed. "She knows perfectly well that marrying Tong Yan into the Lin family will ruin her daughter\'s life, but she didn\'t seem to worry about that. Therefore, there must be some shameful secrets between her and the Lin family."

"What kind of secret could it be?" Elder Xi asked no one in particular.

Xinghe replied, "It\'s still a mystery for now, but regardless, it will all come into the open eventually. They are going to have an engagement party, aren\'t they? We should attend the party for reconnaissance."

Mubai smiled. "I feel the same way. Looks like we have to prepare a huge present; this engagement party is not one to be missed."

Xinghe smiled in return. "Naturally, because this party might be the party that will help usher in their death."

"In that case, care to be my date?" Mubai asked with a smoldering smile.