Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 640: Finally on the Move

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Chapter 640: Finally on the Move

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Thankfully, he was powerless before her and had surrendered unconditionally. Then again, he probably wouldn\'t mind dying in her hands.

Xinghe looked at him curiously, wondering what nonsense he was talking about.

Mubai didn\'t explain but smiled to himself. This made Xinghe even more curious. "What are you smiling about?"

"I\'m just happy."

"What are you happy about?" Xinghe suddenly realized that men\'s hearts are sometimes impossible to read.

"Happy that you didn\'t reject me…" Mubai leaned in slowly to plant a deep kiss on her lips.

Xinghe had been waiting for the Lin family to counter the pressure put on them.

Just as everyone thought the Lin family was going to die off, something incredible happened. On Shen Ru\'s boating trip, she accidentally fell into the ocean and almost drowned.

Coincidentally, the Lin family\'s third young master was around the area. He ignored his personal safety and swam deep into the ocean to save her. If not for him, Shen Ru would have died at sea.

This news soon spread across City A and surprised the Tong family and Shen family. Overnight, the Lin family became their saviors.

Therefore, it would be awkward for them to continue suppressing them.

Furthermore, Shen Ru wouldn\'t stop going on about how Lin Xuan had saved her life and praised the Lin family to the moon and back in front of the Shen family and Tong family, so naturally, the suppression trickled to a stop. In fact, they became thankful of the Lin family\'s help instead…

In just a blink of an eye, the few families that were at war suddenly became each other\'s best friends. This sudden change startled many who were watching. Even the Xi family couldn\'t understand what was happening.

The Lin family\'s destruction was just around the corner but suddenly the plot progressed down a completely different path. Just how could they accept something that drastic?

This was a complete shift in expected plot!

Only Xinghe and Mubai sighed in relief.

"The Lin family is finally on the move," Xinghe said with a thin smile, her mood was rather bright.

Even Mubai joined in smiling. "Indeed, quite a good move they made."

Sam\'s group couldn\'t understand what was happening.

"The Lin family is now on their way up again, but why are the both of you so glad to see this development?" Sam asked with a curious expression. Ali and the rest had blank expressions on as well. When they heard this news, they almost blew up with rage!

It took so much effort to have the Lin family cornered, but now, all of that effort had gone to waste, so how could they not be mad?

So Xinghe\'s and Mubai\'s response was indeed unusual. They weren\'t disappointed or angered but glad!

What was there to be glad about‽

Xinghe knew they didn\'t understand it so she explained calmly, "The Lin family is not so easily taken down. Suppressing them will not push them to extinction, if this had continued, nothing would have happened to them and we would not have been able to do anything. Therefore, only after they make a move will we be able to catch them off guard."

Ali still didn\'t get it. "So, you\'re wishing for them to take a move, but why? It\'ll only make them come back stronger. Like now, what are we going to do about them now?"

Xinghe smiled confidently. "That depends on what they are going to do next. What we need to do is to peel our eyes open and make sure no opportunities to strike slip through our fingers!"