Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 639: Thankfully I Surrendered to You

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Chapter 639: Thankfully I Surrendered to You

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Military school was a place of nightmares, how could she threaten to send her to such a place? Tong Yan\'s eyes were welling up. "Mommy, you don\'t love me anymore, how can you treat me like this? All of you don\'t love me anymore, right? All of you have changed."

Shen Ru sighed, and she felt a headache coming. "I\'ve told you, this is for your own good so stop causing a scene or I\'ll really send you to military school!"

Shen Ru dropped the ultimatum and stood up to leave. Tong Yan was shocked once more, but she was clever enough to change tact. She hugged her mother\'s arm and said pleadingly, "Mommy, okay, I will be good girl from now on so please don\'t be angry with me, but I\'m really bored out of my mind, can you please let me go out? I promise I won\'t go anywhere but visit grandpa. I\'ve missed him, can\'t you let me go see him?"

"No!" Shen Ru jumped like she was pricked with needle. Her unusual reaction startled Tong Yan.

Shen Ru suddenly realized how crazy she had reacted, so she made her tone gentler and said, "Your grandfather is very busy at the moment, so you\'d better don\'t go disturb him. Don\'t you have some homework to catch up on? You can go do that instead."

"In that case, I want to go to the president\'s house to see auntie, that\'s fine, right?"

"No!" Shen Ru flared up again. She dropped the act and warned Tong Yan in a severe tone, "You are not allowed to leave this house and see anyone, or I will disown you as my daughter!"

Shen Ru then left, leaving behind a Tong Yan that was shocked beyond words. She was sad and hurt. What happened to Mommy? Why is she so angry at me? She is never like this… In fact, what is wrong with everyone?

Could it really be that they don\'t love her anymore because of her one small mistake? Wasn\'t she everyone\'s princess, the love of their life? How come they treated her so badly then‽

Tong Yan felt angered and wronged. She needed to find someone to pin the blame on and Xinghe was the convenient target. If not for that Xia b*tch, none of this would have happened!

However, no matter how much Tong Yan hated Xinghe, she couldn\'t do anything about it since she was under house arrest.

Xinghe, on the other hand, was waiting for the Lin family to strike. However, so many days had passed, and the Lin family had made no moves.

"What are you thinking about?" Mubai asked in his magnetic voice.

Xinghe was pulled out of her reverie and replied, "Just wondering why the Lin family hasn\'t made their move."

Mubai smiled. "Don\'t worry, it\'ll happen soon enough."

"I know but I\'m just curious as to why they would wait so long."

Mubai couldn\'t help but laugh. "So, you\'re hoping for them to come after us?"

A sharpness entered Xinghe\'s dark eyes. "Of course, how else are we going to make them fall into our trap if they don\'t make a move?"

Mubai\'s gaze on her became brighter. "Only you would wish for your enemy to strike."

Most would be afraid that their enemies would come for revenge but Xinghe was the complete opposite, she dreaded her enemies not doing that. She would only fight harder if there was competition. Therefore, her enemies would always end up in a regrettable state. Xinghe was someone who would never shy away from a challenge. Her indomitable will was truly a force to be reckoned with.

Mubai studied her carefully and intensely. He suddenly said with a sigh, "Thankfully I surrendered to you a long time ago and campaigned relentlessly to join your camp."

Or else, he probably would meet a horrible end after facing her.