Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 638: Benefits No One

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Chapter 638: Benefits No One

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Then, Shen Ru turned to leave. She had to go immediately because she didn\'t want to see anyone from the Lin family anymore!

"Xiao Ru, if you don\'t believe me, we can go do a paternal DNA test now," Elder Lin stood up and announced with an underlying threat. "I swear, you are my daughter, that is a fact regardless of whether you want to believe it or not. This means that you are part of this family, if it\'s over for us, then it\'s over for you as well. If the news that you\'re not the Shen family\'s second daughter is exposed, what do you think will happen?"

Shen Ru stopped in her steps and froze. A visceral fear gripped at her heart; she felt the sky falling and the ground beneath her feet shaking. Her life was turned upside down. Shen Ru understood the consequences there would be if her identity was exposed!

Shen Ru finally decided to do the DNA test with the Lin family. After she did so, she somehow wandered back home, and the maid reported to her, "Madam, the young miss refuses to eat again and has broken many things."

Even since Tong Yan had been put under house arrest, she had been inconsolable. She wanted to go see Lin Xuan but no one in her family allowed it. Other than that, they kept her locked up like a convict and this made her beyond angry.

Initially, she swallowed the humiliation since she did do something wrong - sort of - but after some time, she lost it. When there was no one in the house, she started an anarchy.

She smashed many valuable things and threatened the maids and butlers, "Who do you think you people are to dare lock me up? Get out of my way this moment or I will kill you. I am the Tong family\'s young mistress; no one dares to have me judged under the law even if I kill all of you. If you still value your life, then get out of my face!"

The moment Tong Yan finished her speech, Shen Ru\'s cold voice rang out, "All of you can go now."

The workers all sighed in relief since she was finally home.

"Yes, madam." They filed out of the room immediately, refusing to spend another second with this spoiled brat.

"Mommy, why do you lock me up and refuse to let me go out?" Tong Yan grumbled with dissatisfaction. "The thing with me has been resolved and the Xi family even said they wouldn\'t pursue this any further, so why do you all still insist on locking me up? Mommy, let\'s go shopping or something, I\'m going to die from boredom!"

Shen Ru studied her own daughter\'s face with a blank expression, her heart a twist of emotions.

She didn\'t have energy or time to console her daughter, she said softly, "This is for your own good. You\'ll be able to go out freely after some time has passed but not now."

"Why not?" Tong Yan demanded, she couldn\'t understand why they were doing this to her. "Mommy, I don\'t care, I need to go out today. If not, I\'m going to starve myself to death since none of you care about me anyway!"

If earlier, with such a threat, Tong Yan would definitely have broken through her mother\'s defenses and been allowed to do anything she wanted, but now Shen Ru really didn\'t have the energy to entertain her outbursts.

"Then, go ahead, but this time you are not to step out of this house. If you refuse to listen, I\'m going to send you to military school and you will not have freedom ever again."

Tong Yan looked at her mother with bulging eyes. She thought Shen Ru would console her and give in to her demands. She didn\'t expect Shen Ru to shrug her off like that and even threatened to send her to military school.