Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 636: Meeting Old Madam Lin

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Chapter 636: Meeting Old Madam Lin

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Let the mischief doer undo the mischief. Since their trouble began with Tong Yan, they would make use of the girl again to regain their foothold!

With a plan in place, the Lin family mobilized. Elder Lin really didn\'t want to use this plan but there was no other choice. If the Lin family didn\'t get over this hurdle, it would be over for them.

"Contact Shen Ru immediately, tell her we want to personally apologize to her," Elder Lin ordered his wife.

Old Madam Lin, who was an astute person, realized her husband\'s plan right there and then. She nodded. "Okay, I\'ll call her now."

Very soon, Shen Ru received the call from Old Madam Lin. Her impression of Old Madam Lin had always been good. She remembered receiving many gifts from her when she was young. She even presented her with a valuable set of jewelry when she got married.

Even though she was still angry that the Lin family made use of her daughter, she was willing to give Old Madam Lin face, so she agreed to the invitation to lunch. She didn\'t tell anyone that she accepted the invitation.

She agreed to the invitation because she was going to bid them farewell; she wouldn\'t associate herself with them in the future. Like mother like daughter it seemed, she was naïve to believe that.

The hotel the Lin family invited her to was safe and secluded. The Lin family had booked the whole hotel. When Shen Ru arrived, they were the only guests there. The waitress greeted her respectfully at the entrance and led her towards the box.

Her intuition kept telling her something was wrong. Even if the Lin family wanted to endear themselves to her, they didn\'t have to book and clear out the entire hotel. However, she couldn\'t figure out what real purpose they had.

When the waitress pushed open the box door, she saw within it Old Madam Lin, Elder Lin, and even the Lin family\'s eldest son, Lin Kang!

"Xiao Ru is finally here, come in and take a seat," Old Madam Lin welcomed her with warmth.

Shen Ru walked in cautiously and commented with some derision, "Madam, didn\'t you say the lunch was just going to be between us? Why are Elder Lin and Mayor Lin here then?"

With a kind smile, Old Madam Lin replied, "Take a seat first. We have something important to discuss with you, so I had to rely on a little trickery. But don\'t worry, we will not harm you in any way, we just want to tell you some things."

Shen Ru laughed. "Of course you wouldn\'t do anything harmful against me. But I can tell you now, I\'m not as easily fooled as my daughter so don\'t think you can make use of me like you did her!"

"Of course, we wouldn\'t do something like that," Elder Lin said with friendliness. He looked at her with gentle kindness, like a father looking at her daughter. This greatly unsettled Shen Ru.

"Then, tell me why you\'ve called for me!" Shen Ru plopped herself down on the chair and told them, "I\'ll give you two minutes then I\'m leaving."

Lin Kang looked at her and opened his mouth to say, "Xiao Ru, you can\'t leave, in fact, you cannot leave us even if you want to."

Shen Ru frowned. "Mayor Lin, what do you mean by that? What is the meaning of all this‽"

"Father, you\'d better explain this to her," Lin Kang looked at Elder Lin. Shen Ru did the same.

Instantly, limitless regret and guilt bubbled up in Elder Lin\'s eyes.

Shen Ru had a sinking feeling in her stomach. Suddenly Elder Lin claimed agonizingly, "Xiao Ru, you are one of us!"