Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 634: Hard Days Ahead for the Lin Family

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Chapter 634: Hard Days Ahead for the Lin Family

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Their plans had failed. Their chance to sit at the president\'s seat had disappeared. The worst thing was that this might be the beginning of the end for the Lin family.

Even though Lin Xuan was being lectured, his expression remained unchanged other than the viciousness that appeared in his eyes. "Grandfather, it is necessary for us to go after the Xi family. You also understand we\'re in need of money and the Xi family is the easiest target for us to get some."

"However, this mistake has completely undone all of our earlier efforts!"

Lin Kang also complained. "Ever since we decided to go after the Xi family, things started to go south for us. We sacrificed Lin Yun, Bao Hwa, and now we\'re being attacked from all sides. Can it be that the Xi family is really our kryptonite?"

"Regardless, we must survive this ordeal, or it\'ll be over for Lin family!" Elder Lin concluded harshly.

The group of Lin family men started discussing ideas, but what ways were there for them to get out of this trouble? They had lost the president\'s confidence, so how could they fix that?

The longer the Lin family remained in this situation, the worse their situation became. If this was allowed to continue, the Lin family wouldn\'t be around for long.

The Lin family tried many ways even trying to mend the bridges with the Shen family and Tong family, but it was to no avail. They had made use of Tong Yan, so it was impossible for them to get forgiven so easily.

The only thing the Lin family could do was to deny everything; they couldn\'t go admit their fault for taking advantage of Tong Yan. After all, if Tong Yan\'s mistake was traced back to them, it would only make things worse for them. However, denial was pointless; the Shen family and Tong family had seen through their façade.

It was a series of bad days for the Lin family and they were just holding the dam from breaking over. However, this was still not enough punishment in Elder Xi\'s eyes.

"This is not enough, how is this enough‽ The best outcome is to destroy every single Lin family member and make sure none of them have a good ending! Then, perhaps, that will be punishment enough!" Elder Xi vented angrily at home. The Lin family had almost ruined the Xi family and killed Xinghe. Until the Lin family received the biggest face-slap from karma, he would not stop hounding them!

Mubai accompanied him that afternoon. He took a sip of his tea and said, "Don\'t worry, Grandfather, their comeuppance will arrive soon enough, but…"

"But what?" Elder Xi coaxed.

Mubai\'s black eyes shone. "The Lin family should have a back-up plan. Removing them won\'t be so easy."

Xinghe nodded. "I agree, they will definitely do something to salvage this situation."

Elder Xi nodded. "Your worry is not unfounded. After all, if the Lin family were so easily taken down, they wouldn\'t have survived until today. I appreciate the fact that both of you haven\'t let your guard down simply because of a temporary victory. The day the enemy is completely destroyed is the only day we can truly breathe in relief."

"Understood," Mubai replied.

Xinghe added, "Now is indeed not the time to give up, if anything, it is the most crucial moment. We must prepare to strike the moment the Lin family shows their tail!"

"Well said, I believe in the both of you." Elder Xi nodded with gratification witnessing their cooperation. Each of them shone brilliantly in their own right, but together, they were invincible.

He suggested, with a guffaw, "How about, when this thing blows over, the two of you remarry? Grandfather promises it will definitely be the wedding of the century!"