Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 633: Suppressing the Lin Family

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Chapter 633: Suppressing the Lin Family

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Xinghe added softly, "That\'s more than enough. Our current mission is to stop the Lin family from getting the president\'s post, the rest we can still slowly solve."

"That\'s right, this time, the Lin family\'s ambition is definitely not going to happen!" Elder Xi said happily. As long as the Lin family didn\'t win the presidency, there wasn\'t much to worry about. There would be plenty of chances to deal with them in the future.

Now, the Tong family, Shen family, and even the president would find ways to suppress them. The Lin family would face assaults from all sides and there would be an opening. The chances of them committing a mistake would be higher, and when that happened, they would make sure that the Lin family was destroyed utterly and completely!

Just as Xinghe said, she was only afraid that the Lin family wouldn\'t dare come for them. As long as they did, the Xi family would have the chance to counter-attack.

Thankfully, the Lin family had actively attacked this time or else they wouldn\'t have been blessed with such a good opportunity.

Thanks to this mishap, they had found the Lin family\'s weak spot. From then on, the Xi family and Lin family\'s feud had reached its fatal stage.

After the Shen family and Tong family found out about the Lin family\'s ambitions, they naturally went to report it to the president. After some investigation, the Lin family\'s ambitions gradually surfaced.

Having ambition wasn\'t wrong but making use of Tong Yan definitely was. Taking advantage of Tong Yan was equal to taking advantage of the Shen family, Tong family and the president. Of course, they would demand reparation!

The Xi family had also provided a lot of proof of the Lin family\'s unlawful actions, so the few families all gathered together to pressure the Lin family. It was easy for them to go after the Lin family. Troubles waylaid the Lin family at every turn, and nothing was going well for them.

For example, Lin Qian was moved out of the president\'s house and the medical team due to some random reason. Some power in Lin Kang\'s hands was taken away. Even the Lin family\'s businesses started to decline…

In other words, the Lin family was cornered from all fronts. The Lin family was not a house of fools; they understood the situation quickly.

"Looks like they\'ve started to suspect us," Elder Lin said with a heavy tone.

Lin Xuan added softly, "I also cannot contact Tong Yan. I hear she is under house arrest; our actions were definitely exposed."

"Then, what should we do now?" Lin Kang frowned. A sense of unease pervaded the Lin family.

They didn\'t expect making use of Tong Yan would land them in such a quandary. They were no match for the combined forces of the Tong family, Shen family, and the president.

Many smaller families were also on the president\'s side. They were always looking to curry the president\'s favor; when they realized the president was suppressing the Lin family, they followed suit.

This was why the Lin family wanted the president\'s post so desperately. One would have access to many mindless followers eager to do one\'s bidding.

They were so close to the fruition of their plan.


The Xi family came out to block their progress at the last minute!

If not for them, how would things have turned out like this?

Elder Lin berated Lin Xuan immediately, "I told you earlier that during a sensitive time like this, it is not the time to make a move against the Xi family. Now, this is just perfect! We have not only riled them up but also had found so many targets on our back!"