Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 632: Time to Counter

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Chapter 632: Time to Counter

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All this while, the Lin family had been treating her so nicely but that was only because she still had her uses to them!

The two elders quickly thought back to many things that had happened in the past. Tong Yan had fallen in love with Lin Xuan a long time ago.

At the time, those second-generation young masters that dared to go up against Lin Xuan had been taught serious lessons by Tong Yan. Initially they thought that this was just Tong Yan being loyal to her friend, and since the mistakes weren\'t serious, they simply let her be.

But now, Tong Yan had gone to the stage of murder to aid the Lin family. This made them suspicious that Lin family had been constantly influencing and making use of her for a very long time.

They knew about the feud between the Xi family and Lin family. Tong Yan was told that the Lin family was too gracious to take any actions against Xinghe, how was that even possible?

They were simply making use of Tong Yan to attack Xinghe. Furthermore, the president\'s health was declining in recent months, so the Lin family had to keep a low profile. This made them suspect this whole shebang was simply because they didn\'t want to have blood on their hands, so they sent Tong Yan into the fire instead.

Furthermore, if Tong Yan\'s crime was exposed, both the Tong family and Shen family\'s reputation would be affected, then their chance of fighting for the president\'s position would be lost. Therefore, the Lin family was killing three birds with one stone!

Number one, they could exact vengeance without lifting a finger.

Number two, they could ruin the Tong family and Shen family via Tong Yan.

Number three, they could reap the benefits from the infighting and successfully nab the president\'s position!

The more Elder Shen and Elder Tong thought about it, the darker their faces became. Even Shen Ru had thought about the implications…

She turned to her father and father-in-law in fright. "Dad, what should we do now?"

Elder Shen suddenly told Elder Xi solemnly, "Elder Xi, it looks like we\'ll have to cut this meeting short. We have something more important to attend to."

Elder Tong also chimed in. "That\'s right, we do have something else more crucial to discuss."

Elder Xi was waiting for them to say this. He smiled brightly and said, "Understood, why don\'t we meet over tea one of these afternoons?"

"No problem, I\'ll have it arranged," Elder Shen promised.

"Then, this meeting is over," Elder Xi announced before glancing at Tong Yan with some measure of derision. "It\'s not our doing to trouble a little girl, plus this was not exactly her fault to begin with."

Elder Shen and Elder Tong were glad; finally, Tong Yan\'s misgivings were going to be put behind them. They had avoided a big catastrophe from occurring, and they had even found out about the Lin family\'s ambitions and schemes.

Thankfully, they had discovered it relatively early on or else it would have been too late. Now, it was time to strike back!

The Lin family dared to make use of them? They were courting death!

Elder Shen quickly took Tong Yan away. Tong Yan was still clueless to everything; she was just happy that she was forgiven. However, everyone else left the place with a heavy heart.

Tong Yan had no clue that the punishment waiting for her was house arrest. At least she was not to have any interaction with people from the Lin family anymore.

The moment they left, Mubai walked into the living room.

Elder Xi looked at him and laughed. "A job well done if I do say so myself. Let us see how the Lin family handles this."

"They don\'t have actual evidence against the Lin family. The most they can do is to suppress the Lin family," Mubai said with a cold smile.