Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 629: Xinghe Is So Important

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Chapter 629: Xinghe Is So Important

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Shen family and Tong family had humbled themselves to such servile manner, so any normal person would have gauged the situation and called it a day by then. However, Elder Xi was not your typical man.

He remained unmoved and said, "Why did you two tell me all this? On this issue, my grand daughter-in-law\'s words are everything, how we\'ll resolve this issue depends on her. If she refuses to accept your apology, then our Xi family will support her decision to the end."

Elder Tong\'s and Elder Tong\'s faces dropped. Since when did this old fart becomes so shamelessly protective of his own? He wasn\'t like this when he was young. He used to value the Xi family\'s profit above all else. He wouldn\'t have done this for anyone, much less someone who technically wasn\'t part of the Xi family anymore! Furthermore, Xinghe was saved in the end, wasn\'t she? So why is he doing this?

"Elder Xi, you\'re the spokesperson for the Xi family so how come you\'re not the one who will make the final decision in this issue?" Shen Ru asked with a face piled up with smile.

Elder Xi harrumphed coldly and said, "Because Xinghe hasn\'t agreed to enter my Xi family\'s doors yet, of course I cannot decide on her behalf. Our Xi family has to endear ourselves to her, because what if she suddenly decides not to marry into the Xi family in the future?"

This stunned the two elders. Since when did the Xi family have to endear themselves to a mere woman?

They were not idiots, now they could see the weight Xinghe carried within the Xi family. They thought the Xi family would ignore her after she was divorced from Mubai, but now they realized the Xi family still hoped for her to remarry into the Xi family. So much so that they were willing to surrender the decision making in this case to her.

Just what kind of capability did this Xia Xinghe have to be valued so much by the Xi family?

The lot of them had been looking down on Xinghe, but now, the way they looked at her finally changed. The person they thought was the least important was actually the most important. Their plan was wrong from the very beginning.

Tong Yan was also surprised by Xia Xinghe\'s importance, if she had known earlier… She wouldn\'t have acted so rashly. However, Tong Yan didn\'t regret what she did, she just regretted not planning more carefully.

"Miss Xia, Elder Xi is right; you\'re the victim, so it\'ll be in your hands if we ever want to put this behind us. Tell us, what kind of reparation do you want to forgive Little Yan? Don\'t worry, we will try our best to fulfil your request, no matter what it is," Elder Shen said in a kind but authoritative tone.

His impressive presence would normally demand respect from others and almost everyone would bow to his authority. However, Xinghe was unfazed.

"So, this time, are you willing to provide a sincere apology?" Xinghe asked lightly, her tone completely devoid of emotion.

Elder Shen\'s eyes lit up. This woman truly is something else.

He replied with a smile, "Definitely, the apology this time is definitely with utmost sincerity."

Xinghe turned to Tong Yan and asked, "Is that the same with Miss Tong?"

Suppressing her anger, she nodded. "That\'s right! I\'m definitely sincere this time!"

Needless to say, she wasn\'t and Xinghe naturally could see Tong Yan\'s internal unwillingness. However, she didn\'t care about Tong Yan\'s apology, what she wanted was something else.

Xinghe nodded slightly. "Okay then, since Miss Tong is willing to show her sincerity, I only request that she answers one question."

"What question? Ask away." Tong Yan cooperated obediently for now.

Xinghe stared her down and asked calmly but clearly, "What is the reason for you coming after my life? I want to hear the truth."