Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 628: Not Easily Fooled

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Chapter 628: Not Easily Fooled

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Elder Xi\'s last sentence unsettled Elder Shen and Elder Tong.

Elder Shen exclaimed hurriedly, "Elder Xi, you can\'t simply accuse something as serious as that. When did we humiliate or attempt to kill your people?"

"Elder Xi, this kind of accusation cannot be said easily! You have to take responsible for it!" Elder Tong also retorted.

Tong Yan also wanted to chime in but was pulled back by Shen Ru. She signaled for her to keep her mouth shut. This was not the time or place for her to speak. Her words would only make the situation worse and anger the Xi family even more.

They should leave this to the two elders and they need wait patiently and quietly for the result.

Tong Yan understood her mother\'s signal but her internal strife couldn\'t be suppressed. However, she was clever enough to know when to shut up.

Xinghe took in their interaction with her pair of clear eyes and a cold light flickered behind her eyes. Do you think not talking will solve your problem? Impossible!

Elder Xi continued his verbal assault. "Take responsibility for my words? Do you two think I\'m just blabbing nonsense‽"

He pointed angrily at Tong Yan and demanded, "She kidnapped my grand daughter-in-law and sealed her inside a basement to leave her to die. If that is not attempt at Xinghe\'s life, then what is? If not for my grandson, who went to great lengths to force her to give up Xinghe\'s location, that vicious girl would have starved Xinghe to death! The basement was sealed up completely and who knows how long my grand daughter-in-law would have been able to survive in there? This is a malicious attempt at her life and you two dare to tell me this is just a prank? You must be kidding! If so, then I will order my man to kidnap this girl, seal her up in an isolated location and then come and tell you, it\'s just a prank! Don\'t think only your Tong family and Shen family are capable of that! My Xi family are capable of pulling off a prank like that as well! If you don\'t believe me, then you can just wait and see!"

Right then, Elder Tong\'s and Elder Shen\'s faces were drawn. They thought they could just sweep this under the rug with some sweet words, but the Xi family was not easily fooled.

Elder Xi had laid the whole event openly on the table so their plan to just go through the motions had failed grandly.

Since the Xi family had decided to see Tong Yan\'s actions as a murder attempt with the malicious intent to kill, then they wouldn\'t let this go to rest so easily. They couldn\'t continue parading Tong Yan\'s action as some kind of childish prank. There needed to be some show of real sincerity.

After figuring out all of this, Elder Shen sighed and announced, "Fine, then how do you propose we settle this thing? You name the condition, and if it\'s within our means, then we will do it."

Elder Tong heard Elder Shen and understood, the Xi family would not back down so easily. They would have to sacrifice some things to put this behind them.

"Elder Xi, we of the Tong family will offer the same condition. Name your price to put this behind us."

Shen Ru acted the part of a concerned mother and begged, "Elder Xi, I know this time my Tong Yan has done something horrendous, but she is my only daughter. She is not only the Tong family\'s only female heir but only the only heir our Shen family has. We really cannot let this ruin her, so name your condition and we\'ll fulfil it as long as you\'re willing to let her be."

Tong Yan took up the acting mantle and pouted with apparent sadness. "Grandfather Xi, I really know my mistake now. Please just forgive me this time."

Elder Shen changed tact to make use of the sentimentalities.

"Elder Xi, we\'ve been family friends for so many years; this time, I\'ll admit we\'ve crossed the line and have harmed your family. But for the sake of our friendship that has lasted for so many years, can you please forgive the girl? Our Shen family and Tong family will remember this kindness forever."