Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 627: Two Can Play That Game

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Chapter 627: Two Can Play That Game

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

Alas, their opponent was Xinghe; her brain was akin to a supercomputer. She looked at Tong Yan lightly and spoke no words. She just stared at her.

Tong Yan was confused. "Miss Xia, what are you looking at? Do you not plan to forgive me?"

The smiles on other people\'s faces disappeared and they all looked at Xinghe. The atmosphere in the room had shifted; Xinghe had ruined the good rapport purposely constructed by these people without even saying a word.

Only Elder Xi smiled inwardly. Bunch of idiots, dare to play such tricks on my grand daughter-in-law? You people are not qualified yet!

Xinghe didn\'t answer Tong Yan\'s question but asked lightly, "Miss Tong, are you really going to apologize to me?"

Tong Yan nodded. "Of course."

Xinghe smiled lightly. "There must be sincerity in making apology. If this is your idea of an apology then you can save your energy."

"What did you say‽" Tong Yan\'s usual attitude was flaring up but she suppressed it greatly and replied with a half-smile, "Miss Xia, I\'ve been nothing but sincere, so how can you say something like that?"

Even Elder Tong frowned. "Miss Xia, both Elder Shen and I are personally here to give you face and our Little Yan has bowed so low to ask you for forgiveness. How can you say we do not have sincerity?"

"Elder Xi, you be the judge and tell us, is our sincerity lacking?" Elder Shen though chose to come after Elder Xi. "Both of us elders are here and have given so many gifts hoping to put this behind us. Can you really say we don\'t show enough sincerity?"

"That\'s right, our sincerity is plain for everyone to see!" Elder Tong added defiantly. They were obviously shielding Tong Yan and bullying the Xi family as well as Xinghe!

However, two could play that game!

Elder Xi chuckled under his breath but replied expressionlessly, "Want me to judge? Fine, my judgement is since Xinghe said all of you show no sincerity, then she must be right!"

"What?" Elder Shen was caught by surprise.

Elder Tong didn\'t expect Elder Xi to be so shameless. "Elder Xi, what do you mean by that? You\'re obviously protecting this Xia Xinghe and purposely opposing us!"

"Aren\'t all of you doing the same thing with Tong Yan‽" Elder Xi counter-attacked relentlessly. "If you want to bully my Xi family, then of course I shall strike back. You really think my Xi family is so easily bullied? At most, we\'ll fight this to the very end and see who will come out on top!"

"You…" Elder Tong was angered beyond words. Even Tong Yan and Shen Ru gritted their teeth in anger.

None of them expected Elder Xi to be so insolent and ungrateful to not give them any face.

Who did he think he was, that he dared to talk to them that way‽

Elder Shen, who was more cautious in his thinking, didn\'t get mad but asked slowly, "Elder Xi, you said we bully your family, but I have issues with that. Tell me, how have we bullied you? We really came to apologize with sincerity this time."

"Fine, then I will tell you!" Elder Xi announced with authority, his gaze sharp as tack. "Our Xinghe, out of the kindness in her heart, came to help the president with his illness. She was instrumental in the mechanical heart breakthrough, but what did she get? That girl from your Tong Family made an attempt on her life simply because she doesn\'t like Xinghe, so tell me, if that is not bullying my Xi family, then what is? Or you people think we from the Xi family are so useless that you can just humiliate and kill us Xis simply because you feel like it‽"