Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 625: Go Big or Go Home

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Chapter 625: Go Big or Go Home

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Madam President lowered her head in shame. The Shen family was used to shielding their own shortcomings. Her father was the worst for this, he would go to unreasonable lengths to protect his own. Tong Yan was his only granddaughter, he would sacrifice his life to cover up for her.

This was why Tong Yan could commit such an atrocious crime fearlessly.

Madam President worried that the Shen family and Tong family would quarrel with the Xi family over Tong Yan\'s crime and this would blow up to a ridiculous proportion. Her husband would be stuck between a rock and a hard place.

He might be the president, but he was also the arbitrator of many forces or else the country would be in complete chaos. However, he was still fighting his illness; she didn\'t want this to ruin his health.

The president understood her worry. He consoled her, "Don\'t worry, this will be settled quietly, and even it doesn\'t, it still won\'t kill me."

"Don\'t say things like that," Madam President berated him with a frown. "You will be fine. After Lu Qi finishes the mechanical heart, your illness will be healed."

The president laughed. "I will wait for that day to come. I believe I\'ll be fine, so you shouldn\'t worry so much. I\'m still around, they won\'t dare to do anything."

"What if the Xi family refuses to back down?"

"Xi Mubai\'s criminal proof is still with us, so we\'ll just let them figure this out on their own for now. We\'ll intervene if necessary. In actuality, all of them are at fault, but the hegemony of power is now at a sensitive balance, the moment the scale tips, unimaginable tragedy might happen. Hopefully, they can settle this among themselves or else we\'ll just wrangle all of them into jail," the president said with a cold huff.

Madam President felt better after hearing her husband say that; she knew her husband would handle this well. For the sake of the country, he had suffered through and sacrificed a lot.

Sometimes, bending the law was necessary for the overall profit of the country and its people.

Elder Xi arrived at City A that night. Xinghe and Mubai personally went to the airport to fetch him.

His return to City A caused a mixture of emotions to rise up within him. "I\'ve returned to this place again. I thought I would never see the back of this city in my life again."

Mubai smirked. "Grandfather, you\'ve returned this time to perform a great deed; this is a glorious return for you."

Elder Xi laughed. "That\'s not for sure yet. No one can tell how this will end."

"There can only be one ending, " Mubai responded confidently. "We will win, because we must win!"

"You\'re right! We must win!" A fire instantly flickered behind Elder Xi\'s eyes. That was the Xi family\'s spirit, to never give up.

"Come on, let\'s get in the car. You can tell me the details then."


Xinghe and Mubai accompanied him into the car and they drove towards their Hills Residence. In the car, Mubai relayed everything in detail to his grandfather.

Elder Xi nodded, satisfied. He turned to Xinghe and praised approvingly, "Your plan is brilliant. This is the way we should do it, to make use of other people\'s forces to attack the Lin family. It is indeed not wise to fight them head on."

"Therefore, Grandfather, we\'ll need your cooperation tomorrow," Mubai said with a slight smile.

Elder Xi replied confidently, "Leave it to me. I\'ve known those two old farts from the Tong family and Shen family for years. I can already see what kind of ploy they\'re going to use. I will never allow them to bully our Xi family. We will pursue this offense to the bitter end!"