Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 622: Charging Tong Yan

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Chapter 622: Charging Tong Yan

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These few forces were enough to topple the whole country. The bravery to come up with a plan to make use of all of them was commendable enough but for Xinghe, they were nothing but pawns in a bigger game.

After the plan was set, Mubai immediately found Xinghe a team of lawyers to draft and send a bill of complaint to the court. The accused was Tong Yan.

She was the heiress to the Tong family, the most powerful young lady in Hwa Xia and someone dared to charge her‽

The moment the bill was filed, the court contacted the Tong family. The person who answered the phone was Shen Ru, and she was understandably incensed.

"My Little Yan only thought to teach her a small lesson and didn\'t even lay a finger on her, yet she dares to press charges‽ Does she know who she\'s dealing with?"

Elder Tong and Old Madam Tong were equally shocked. Old Madam Tong might have many grandchildren, but Tong Yan was her one granddaughter. She was furious when she learnt about this.

"The woman sure is insensible, since she is safe then she should have let things rest. She dares to charge Little Yan? Isn\'t she afraid of crossing our Tong family?"

The Tong family was not a simple family, they were in-laws with the Shen family and were related to the president and many other powerful families in Hwa Xia. How stupid that woman must be to dare charge Tong Yan? Doesn\'t she know this is going to make the most powerful families in the whole Hwa Xia her enemies?

Elder Tong was more cautious. "She has the Xi family behind her back; she\'s not some random woman we should underestimate."

"So what? She\'s just the Xi family\'s divorced daughter-in-law, they will not look out for her," Shen Ru spat with derision. "Even if she has the Xi family behind her back, can they fight with the collection of so many powerful families?"

"What does it matter if they can\'t? It is the truth that Little Yan is in the wrong and even the president knows about this, do you think we can still cover that up?" Elder Tong sighed. "In any case, this time our weakness has already been exposed and the only solution is to have that woman rescind her charges."

"I\'ll personally go demand her do that now!" Shen Ru stood up and announced smugly. She thought she could personally pressure Xinghe into doing her bidding.

In the end, Xinghe didn\'t even want to meet her. The guard told her that Xinghe was still traumatized by the earlier events and was unavailable to see anyone; it was the doctor\'s order.

She then demanded to see Xi Mubai.

That was even more impossible. "Young Master Xi just woke up from his coma and has exerted himself from all the running and walking yesterday. His wounds have been exacerbated and unless Madam is willing to be responsible for his health, we cannot allow Madam to see him."

This was the first time Shen Ru was shown the door. In City A, no, the whole country, who dared to treat her like this?

Even after she married into the Tong family, they were always respectful around her. She was the Shen family\'s daughter, the Madam President\'s only younger sister.

Others couldn\'t wait to suck up to her, but Xinghe and Mubai had both refused to see her.

Shen Ru\'s hatred towards them only increased. However, she was still clear-minded enough to know she couldn\'t barge in as she wished.

Therefore, she changed tact. Since Mubai refused to meet her, then she would go search for Madam President\'s help.

If Madam President wanted to see them, they had no choice but to oblige.

Shen Ru rushed to the president\'s house. After Madam President listened to her complaint, she said lightly, "It\'s only fair that they charged her, she has truly stepped out of line this time."