Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 620: Wanton

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Chapter 620: Wanton

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

Mubai coughed awkwardly and hurriedly backtracked. "I mean, I will also take a shower after you\'re done."

"You\'d better rest or else I\'m afraid you might faint in there," Xinghe said before turning to enter the bathroom.

Mubai couldn\'t refrain from laughing after watching her being uncomfortable. She was really hopeless when it came to this kind of intimate situation, but Mubai found that incredibly cute. He felt blessed that he was given a second chance to see her again, to give their relationship a second try. Thankfully, both of them survived…

He would be forever thankful that it was he who was hurt in the explosion and not her. Thinking about this, Mubai naturally connected the accident to Lin Xuan and the Lin family. Resentment and hatred flickered behind his eyes. He would make the Lin family pay a thousand times in return!

Therefore, the Lin family\'s days were numbered.

At same time, when he thought about the sacrifice and effort Xinghe had made in her attempt to save him, his face split into a broad smile. Does this mean that my place in her heart has already taken root? Or else why would she come to City A alone to help me exact revenge? Therefore, she care about me in some way!

Mubai fidgeted in his bed. He sat up straight, and hearing the sound of rushing water from the bathroom, his body started to heat up.

He really wanted to barge in there, however, he knew he couldn\'t. If he did without Xinghe\'s permission, he would be chopped into pieces. Mubai lay back down on his bed and wiggled uncomfortably, praying that his torment would be over soon enough.

After Xinghe finished showering, she realized she had no clean clothes to change into. There was at least a bathrobe in the toilet but wearing only a bathrobe seemed a bit too salacious.

Still, it was better than walking out naked!

Xinghe hesitated before shrugging into the bathrobe. She tightened the knot extra securely. After she dried her hair, she walked out of the bathroom and realized that Mubai had fallen asleep. He was in a deep sleep, probably too tired from his earlier exertion.

Xinghe knew he was still not feeling well, so she didn\'t disturb his sleep. She padded across the floor silently and lowered herself on the bed next to him.

The moment she lay down however, the man whom she thought was asleep suddenly rolled over and crushed her underneath his hug. Before she could react, a pair of lips smacked her on her lips!

Xinghe widened her eyes in shock and she stared right into Mubai\'s eyes that were completely devoid of drowsiness. If anything, she saw an intense fire burning within them.

He chewed on her lips wantonly like a man who, after wandering for days in the desert, finally found an oasis. This was the first time Mubai yielded so completely to his animal instincts…

It had definitely shocked Xinghe. However, this time, unlike before, she didn\'t pull away but close her fists and slowly opened her eyes. Sensing her permission, the fire in Mubai\'s eyes burned even brighter; she could feel his scorching gaze on her skin.

The kiss became even more intimate and intense like he was attempting to eat her up. His hands strayed uncontrollably over her robe…

When he touched her bare skin, Xinghe shivered minutely. It was barely discernible but Mubai still detected it. He stopped suddenly, and his kiss became a lot gentler.

However, that didn\'t decrease the intimacy of the moment. If anything, the air in the room seemed to have become heavier; a sticky feeling pressed down on them, the sexual tension unfurling across the room…

Xinghe\'s brain was like a gooey mess, and she could barely summon the energy to move her body.