Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 619: Will Remember It for Now

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Chapter 619: Will Remember It for Now

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"Why not?" Lu Qi queried.

"Because this time we will not pursue Tong Yan\'s responsibility," Xinghe explained softly.

Sam was the first to object. "Why not‽ She almost killed you!"

Lu Qi understood her thought immediately. "You plan to use this to offset Mubai\'s offense?"

Xinghe nodded before turning to see Mubai\'s response. His eyes were dark as he smiled wickedly. "Do you think I need to do something like that to escape criminal responsibility?"

"I know you don\'t care about a criminal charge." Xinghe looked him in the eye and continued, "But, our real enemy is the Lin family; we need to focus. Of course, this doesn\'t imply that I\'m letting Tong Yan off, but we don\'t have time to deal with her now. After we take care of the Lin family, we\'ll have plenty of time to straighten things out with her."

Mubai\'s eyes darkened further. "Don\'t you feel wronged?"

Xinghe laughed. "Why would I? Tong Yan has helped us tremendously. She not only had hurt me but also sold the Lin family out. The president is not an idiot; the Lin family\'s wild ambition will soon be discovered."

The moment that happened, the Lin family\'s plans would be ruined. The president would no longer support them and would instead find ways to suppress them. The Lin family\'s plan had backfired this time.

If only Xinghe had died, then the president would have died soon after. Alas she survived. This meant that the Lin family\'s days ahead would be extremely difficult. Furthermore, since there was hope for the president\'s recovery, the Lin family would be getting increasingly agitated. This increased the chances of them making a mistake, just like this time.

No matter how careful they were, they would have to slip up eventually, and when that happened, their dirty laundry would be out in the open.

Of course, Mubai thought about all this as well. He looked at Xinghe lovingly and was impressed by her internal constitution. She was almost killed but still had the mental acuity to come up with such detailed analysis and plan without a word of complaint. How many people in the world could manage something like that?

Perhaps many men wouldn\'t like someone like Xinghe due to her independence and reluctance to depend fully on her man, but this was what Mubai loved about her. Regardless, her strength only made him worry about her even more and made him want to cherish her forever.

He took her hand and agreed. "This time, we shall let Tong Yan be, but this slight, I will remember forever."

Xinghe smiled slightly. "Me too."

She was no saint. Anyone that dared to harm her should prepare for retribution. She would not let injustice done against her go unpunished!

She understood how the world operated, the survival of the fittest. Being kind to your enemy is being cruel to yourself.

Therefore, Tong Yan\'s action… they would remember it for now but eventually the girl had to pay with added interest!

After the discussion, Xinghe helped Mubai back to his room to rest. From the moment he woke up, he had powered on with pure strength alone. Now that everyone else had left, his face finally showed traces of weakness.

Xinghe helped him with his medicine and tucked him in bed. "Do you want me to call Lu Qi for you?"

Mubai pulled on her hand and said with a smile, "Not necessary, as long as you\'re with me, I\'m comfortable."

"Okay." To his surprise, Xinghe agreed. "Let me go take a shower first."

"I\'ll join you," Mubai blurted out without much thought. Then, he started to blush from his misspoken words.

Xinghe stared curiously at him. Her clear eyes seemed to say, Join me? Do you want to die?