Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 616: Finally Safe

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Chapter 616: Finally Safe

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

Xinghe\'s watery eyes stared fixatedly at him. Mubai, too, was looking intensely into her eyes. Like a couple separated for a thousand years, they scanned every inch of each other\'s faces, not willing to waste even a second blinking. They were afraid the other would disappear into thin air should they blinked.

Xinghe tried to stand up, wishing to see him more closely. Yet the next second, she was swept into Mubai\'s arms; he was holding her tightly!

Mubai put extra strength into his hug, as if wishing to join his body to hers. Unconsciously, Xinghe hugged him back…

They stayed in that position quietly for quite some time. There was no need for words as they both took in each other\'s presence. Finally, their hearts that were working on overtime started to calm down.

Ever since the explosion, a hidden anxiety had been lodged in Xinghe\'s heart; she was afraid that something unexpected might happen to him. It was the same way for him when he found out about Xinghe\'s situation.

Finally, after making sure each other was safe, there was a collective sigh of relief.

Xinghe couldn\'t help but smile. She asked, "When did you wake up?"


Xinghe\'s eyes trembled slightly. He woke up that day itself and the first thing he did was rush to save her. Just how did he manage something like that?

Xinghe started to worry that he was exerting pressure on his recently recovered body. She quickly pushed him aside and said, "I\'m fine; let\'s get out of here."

"Okay!" Mubai held her hand tightly and led her out. The basement was indeed not a suitable place to talk. Furthermore, he wished to take Xinghe to the hospital for a check-up; he was afraid if she suffered any injuries.

Xinghe left the basement with Mubai\'s guidance and it was then that she saw the broken-down wall. So, the culprit really did intend to starve her to death. However, her plan had failed!

It was of course time for revenge. A flash of fiery determination crossed her eyes, and the moment she saw Madam President, the name of the culprit came into her mind.

Madam President moved forward and asked with concern, "Xinghe, are you okay?"

Since Madam President was there personally, then the culprit could be none other than Tong Yan.

Xinghe answered softly, "I\'m fine. Madam, who is the person that wanted to murder me?"

She used the term \'murder\' to stress her point.

Madam President sighed. Even if she had the intention to shield Tong Yan, it was no longer possible. Who would believe the girl didn\'t have the intention to murder Xinghe?

Even the entrance to the basement was sealed up behind a thick wall. If this was not an attempt at murder, what was?

A flash of anger surged through Madam President when she thought about what Tong Yan did, but at the end of the day, that was her niece; she wouldn\'t wish eternal damnation on her…

"It was Tong Yan. The girl is too young to understand the severity of her actions. She said she wished to punish you a bit but none of us expected she would go to such an extent. However, do not worry because we will not condone this kind of behavior."

"So, it is Miss Tong. However, I\'m curious, why would Miss Tong want to kill me?" Xinghe asked calmly, without any trace of obvious emotions. "I don\'t have any feud with her and she doesn\'t look like a malicious person. I don\'t understand, why does she hate me so much?"

Madam President was astonished. Xinghe was right; even if Tong Yan wanted to teach her a lesson, there was no reason for her to go to such lengths to make an attempt on her life…