Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 615: I'm Fine…

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Chapter 615: I\'m Fine…

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

After they got the address, Mubai and the rest quickly rushed to the location. When Mubai saw the site, his face was as cold as winter\'s. The door to the basement had been taken down and in its place was a newly built wall!

The cement was still drying so it seemed to have been recently built. This was the little lesson Tong Yan talked about?

There was a need to seal up the basement for just a little lesson?

It was obvious that she was aiming to kill and hide the body!

Mubai\'s fingers and voice were shaking as he ordered, "Knock it down! Knock it down immediately!"

He was really afraid something horrendous had already happened to Xinghe; he was afraid to see what the broken wall would reveal…

The thought made Mubai\'s breathing quicken and visions of black exploded in his eyes. If something really happened to Xinghe, he swore he would pull everyone into hell to accompany her death; not a single one of them was going to be safe!

Mubai\'s heart was burning with fury strong enough to swallow the world.

Madam President, who stood beside him, started to worry. She could sense Mubai\'s chilling presence, so she was worried something had really happen to Xinghe. The fact that Tong Yan would do something so vicious made her shake her head with disappointment again. She really hoped Xinghe was fine, or else Tong Yan… would probably have to pay with her life and more!

Xi Mubai dared to threaten the president, so just imagine what he would do to Tong Yan.

Of course, aside from Tong Yan\'s sake, Madam President prayed sincerely that Xinghe was fine, or else City A\'s peace would be shattered like it was hit by an earthquake.

Under everyone\'s nervous gaze, the wall was brought down quickly. The moment the entrance showed itself, Mubai, who was in his wheelchair, stood up suddenly like a healthy person. He dashed down into the darkness, almost tumbling down the stairs.

The police almost couldn\'t catch up to his speed. With the police\'s flashlight, Mubai noticed a shuttered room. He rammed his body weight into the door and yelled, "Xia Xinghe, can you hear me‽"

A weakened Xinghe who leaned against the wall suddenly heard his voice and thought she was hallucinating.

That sounds like Xi Mubai? But how is that possible‽ Isn\'t he still unconscious?

"Xinghe!" Mubai screamed once more as he kicked heavily on the door. The door fell open and a few searchlights lit up the room.

They immediately saw Xinghe caught within the corner. Mubai stared at her unblinkingly as his eyes widened.

And Xinghe, facing the harsh searchlight, seemed to see his blurry silhouette. She was lost in the dark for so long that the sudden light stung her eyes.

She narrowed her eyes and croaked softly, "I\'m fine."

I\'m fine.

This short sentence made Mubai completely teary-eyed and melted the murderous air that he had been wearing like an armor.

He stepped cautiously towards Xinghe until eventually his huge body covered up the light and enveloped Xinghe in his shadow.

Xinghe could finally open her eyes to see clearly. It was really Xi Mubai; it wasn\'t her hallucination.

He\'s finally up on his feet again…