Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 614: He Will Remember This Slight

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Chapter 614: He Will Remember This Slight

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

Tong Yan started to get anxious. This was the first time her auntie had ever spoken so coldly to her. She had thought everyone would cherish and love her forever because that was her birth right. However, because of one Xia Xinghe, her auntie turned on her. She felt intensely wronged and angered.

Unable to suppress her indignation, she grumbled angrily, "How can auntie treat me like this? So what if it\'s me who kidnapped her, she\'s just a nasty, common woman; she\'s incomparable to someone as important as me! Even if I kill her, it is because she deserves it…"

Madam President delivered one fast and harsh slap to the girl\'s face. Tong Yan and Shen Ru both were stunned.

"Sis, what are you doing‽" Shen Ru screamed as she moved to protect her daughter. She demanded angrily, "Little Yan already said that she\'s not responsible, so how can you not believe her? She\'s your only niece; how can you raise your hand against her?"

That\'s right, where did she find the heart to do something like that?

Tong Yan\'s eyes were swirling with tears and disbelief. She had never been physically punished before in her life; they didn\'t even dare to speak harshly against her; everyone had been fighting each other to win her favor. However, her auntie dared to slap her. At that moment, Tong Yan felt her world crumbling; it suddenly felt so strange and absurd.

Madam President glared regretfully at her and said, "It is because no one dares to teach her a lesson that she had become so arrogant and wild. Security, turn her things inside out, her phone and computer, leave no stone unturned!"

"Yes, Madam!" The security immediately mobilized.

"Sis, what is the meaning of this…"

"Stop, none of you have the right to touch my things! I\'m Tong family\'s first heiress; I will exact punishment on those that dares to touch my things!" Tong Yan warned severely, but it was useless. Under normal circumstances, none of the security guards dared to defy her, but with Madam President there, her threats were like air, completely harmless.

Tong Yan failed to understand that the reason why people were afraid of her and had to acquiesce her every request was not because of her power but her background. However, if the person behind her was not on her side anymore, she was nothing.

The Tong family didn\'t dare to object to Madam President\'s orders. Even Elder Tong and Old Madam Tong who had already gone to bed came out to check the commotion. They instantly tried to stop the chaos, but it was to no avail. When they found out about Tong Yan\'s little mistake, they too were shocked beyond words.

"Little Yan, quickly tell us, where is the woman? Don\'t worry, if she\'s still safe, Grandpa will cover for you," Elder Tong advised Tong Yan hurriedly. Even at a time like this, he was still deeply protective of his granddaughter. From his perspective, this was nothing serious. If the person was found safe in the end, it could be easily settled.

Mubai, who was left forgotten in the commotion, smirked suddenly. Cover for her? No one is able to cover for this woman.

She had to pay dearly for kidnapping Xinghe!

It might not be now, but one day, justice would be served. This slight, he, Xi Mubai, would remember forever.

With Elder Tong\'s and Old Madame Tong\'s kind intervention, on top of her mounting fear, Tong Yan finally revealed the truth. "I didn\'t do anything to her, I just want to teach her a lesson. I did lock her up, but I really didn\'t do anything to her…"

"Where is she‽" Madam President demanded.

Xinghe was deserted in the basement of an abandoned countryside villa.