Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 613: Stubborn

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Chapter 613: Stubborn

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

"Where is she?" Madam President repeated coolly.

Shen Ru knew she had to come for something serious. "I think she\'s asleep upstairs in her room."

"Get her down here!" Madam President ordered one of the maids. Of course, the maid wouldn\'t dare to object.

Shen Ru got nervous instantly. "Sis, what kind of mistake did Little Yan make for you to be so angry? You already know that she\'s still young; she\'s bound to make some careless mistakes, so you shouldn\'t be so stern with her."

Madam President said with obvious pain, "If I don\'t get stern with her now, then she\'ll just ruin herself!"

"Why?" Shen Ru\'s heart skipped a beat, her anxiety increasing drastically. What kind of mistake did Little Yan make? It sounds so serious.

"Auntie, why are you here?" Tong Yan bounded down the stairs happily while staring curiously at the man in the wheelchair. However, when she met his eyes that were devoid of warmth, she shivered uncontrollably. That man looks like Xi Mubai; I\'ve seen him on TV…

After she recognized him, a bad feeling cropped up in her heart. Could it be that the kidnapping has been exposed?

Madam President saw her and demanded angrily, "I\'m here to ask you, where you have taken Xinghe? Quick give us her location now."

It really was exposed! Tong Yan faltered for a bit before calming herself down. She blinked innocently and said, "Auntie, what you talking about? I don\'t understand it. How am I related to Xia Xinghe\'s disappearance?"

"You still refuse to admit it? The security guard you threatened has confessed to everything; you\'re the one who kidnapped Xinghe. I really didn\'t expect you would do something so stupid."

"Kidnapping?" Shen Ru\'s face immediately fell. She knew some woman had disappeared, and she was related to the Xi family and the whole of City A was looking for her. She didn\'t expect the culprit was going to be her own daughter.

After she understood the gravity of the situation, she immediately asked Tong Yan, "Yan, tell mommy the truth, is it you who kidnapped her?"

"It was not me!" Tong Yan retorted indignantly like she was really wronged. "Why would I kidnap her? It\'s really not me, Mommy, Auntie, you have to believe me."

Shen Ru smiled in relief. "Sis, Little Yan says she is not related to this, so I\'m sure she\'s innocent. There must be some kind of misunderstanding."

"Misunderstanding? Why would the president\'s security frame her?" Madam President didn\'t believe Tong Yan; she demanded seriously while glaring at her, "Little Yan, we must learn to correct our mistakes. Quick tell Auntie, where is Xinghe? If you let her go now, this situation can still be salvaged. If anything happens to her, it\'ll be troublesome for you too."

From feeling wronged, Tong Yan switched to anger. "But it\'s really not me, how come you refuse to believe me?"

"You still refuse to admit your mistake at a time like this?"

Tong Yan wouldn\'t not admit her mistake no matter what; she would die before she admitted she was at fault.

"Auntie, the security guard is framing me. He must have cooperated with someone else to kidnap Xinghe and decided to blame it on me. However, I really didn\'t do such a thing, I\'m innocent. Auntie, you have to believe me."

Madam President shook her head with absolute disappointment. She replied, "All this while I thought you\'re just a willful child, but to think you would have the courage to do something illegal and still refuse to admit your mistake. Tong Yan, you think as long as you don\'t admit anything, I\'m powerless before you?"