Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 612: Tong Family

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Chapter 612: Tong Family

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The security guard actually did have a conscience, but it was silenced by fear. He didn\'t dare reveal the truth, but since he was threatened thusly by Mubai, his determination broke.

"Just kill me now, this thing has nothing to do with my family! It is all my fault, I\'ve failed Miss Xia! Miss Tong ordered me to bring Miss Xia to her because she wanted to discuss something to her in private. I thought they were going to have a discussion, but who could have known she was planning a kidnapping‽ The person who forced me into silence was also Miss Tong; she said that if I refused to cooperate, she would have me set up to take the fall, because she is above the law! I know I\'ve done wrong, so punish me but leave my innocent family out of this!"

The security guard\'s sudden confession startled everyone. The Madam President yelped, "What did you say, it was Little Yan who kidnapped Xinghe?"

The president was equally shocked. The security guard nodded as he crumbled into a sniveling mess; he knew he had made enemies out of both the Tong and Shen families. His life was over. "Yes, it was her…"

Mubai smiled chillingly, he turned to look at Madam President. "Madam, then I can only hope that you bring Xinghe back safely."

Madam President was angered beyond words; she didn\'t think Tong Yan would stoop to such a level. "I\'ll go demand that she lets Xinghe go immediately. If she\'s really the culprit, I will not cover for her!"

"The only thing I want is for Xinghe to return safely. Madam, I\'ll follow you." Mubai sat slowly back down in the wheelchair and he tossed the gun aside. One of the guards quickly took the gun off the floor, while the others still pointed their guns at Mubai. However, no one moved forward to arrest him because there was no order from the president…

In fact, the president had signaled for them to not shoot. Furthermore, they didn\'t dare to really do anything after hearing Mubai\'s threat. Who knew what would happen to the country\'s economy if he died? He was capable of creating the biggest depression Hwa Xia had ever seen.

"Go along with the madam; go and save the girl!" The president ordered firmly, they would have to deal with Mubai later. Mubai\'s insolence at the president\'s house had to be punished somehow, but for several reasons, he knew nothing serious could befall Mubai because this involved too many crucial figures within Hwa Xia.

Madam President and her men quickly arrived at the Tong family\'s residence. Her sudden arrival shocked everyone.

"Sis, why are you here?" Tong Yan\'s mother, Shen Ru, asked in surprised when she saw her.

Shen family\'s patriarch only had two daughters in his lifetime, they were the Madam President and Shen Ru.

Madam President was at least ten years older than Shen Ru, so Shen Ru looked to be in her thirties at most. However, there was a great difference between the two sisters. Madam President was born with the blessing of grace and beauty; Shen Ru couldn\'t hold a candle against her. People wouldn\'t expect them to be sisters from their looks alone.

Even Mubai was surprised when he saw Shen Ru. He didn\'t expect the sisters would look so different.

However, Madam President had always cherished this younger sister of hers. This time though, even facing Shen Ru, her face was expressionless. She asked coolly, "Where is Tong Yan?"

Shen Ru\'s eyes jumped noticing the great amount of guards behind them. She could read the situation and asked cautiously, "Sis, what\'s wrong? Did Little Yan do something to make you unhappy?"