Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 611: Xi Mubai Is Crazy!

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Chapter 611: Xi Mubai Is Crazy!

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97


"Both City A and City T\'s economy lifelines are in my hands; if I\'m unable to walk out of this place alive, the economy of both cities will collapse! I\'m sure you know what that means."

The security was stunned. Even the president and his wife were baffled. Mubai dared to use the nation\'s economy to threaten them!

City A and City T were Hwa Xia\'s biggest and most developed cities. City T was practically the country\'s economic and business hub. The Xi family had a chokehold over City T\'s market and half of City A\'s market. If Mubai really lost his mind and tore down these two cities\' economy, the whole country would be sent into absolute chaos!

Not only that, this would give other countries the opening they needed to infiltrate Hwa Xia and international war could break out…

In conclusion, the economy was too important; if ruined, the consequences would be unimaginable!

No wonder Xi Mubai dared to break into the president\'s house, he had come completely prepared.

"So tell me, do you think I will be able to walk out here scot-free after I kill you or not? Furthermore, I\'m only killing someone that deserves to die!" Mubai glared at the security with eyes that showed he wasn\'t messing around.

He really will kill me; he\'s not kidding. The security guard had been in war before and he knew perfectly well whenever someone was bluffing about killing. If he didn\'t reveal the truth, he would die.

However, he still refused to admit the truth, betting that Mubai wouldn\'t dare commit such an atrocious crime in front of so many witnesses!

"You wouldn\'t dare, you wouldn\'t dare kill me here…"

"Is that so?" Mubai sharped his gaze and pressed down hard on the trigger.

The moment the gunshot rang out, the security bent down and cowered down on the floor on reflex. Everyone was shocked; Xi Mubai was crazy!

He really fired the bullet!

Mubai didn\'t seem affected by the fact that he just shot at someone. The security who barely escaped death was breaking out in cold sweat. If he didn\'t evade at the very last minute, he would be dead.

Mubai was really… going to kill him…

"Why did you hide?" The gun pointed at him again. Mubai glared down at him with emotionless eyes and his lips curved into a devilish smile. His words were deliberate and slow, but his every word sent a chill down everyone\'s spine.

"If you\'re so afraid of death, then I can keep you alive, however someone else will have to suffer on your behalf. I\'m sure you have a family, right? Why don\'t we start with them? I will make sure suffering will consume their lives. Your parents will have to collect their children\'s bodies because I will start by eliminating your brothers and sisters. Finally, I will keep you alive to see your parents suffer, and every bit of their suffering will be because of you. So, if you still refuse to tell us the truth, you\'ll not only harm yourself but also everyone that you care about! Don\'t think I will not live up to my words, if anything happens to my woman, you can start preparing to buy coffins in bulk—"

The security widened his eyes in fear. This Xi Mubai is scary and crazy! He has lost his mind. Just because I refuse to tell him the truth, he\'s going to make my family suffer… Furthermore, this is the president\'s house, where did he find the guts to do this in front of the president?

Mubai was scary like a messenger from hell, but he did finally get his point across, for the sake of Xinghe, he would stop at nothing.