Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 610: Asura from Hell

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Chapter 610: Asura from Hell

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

The security guard met his eyes and he unconsciously averted them again. It was a pair of eyes he hadn\'t seen before. They were cold and dark; the security felt like he was staring into the eyes of an Asura from hell.

Even though the security was well-trained, facing Mubai\'s chilling gaze, he started to squirm. However, he quickly collected himself.

"Yes," he answered calmly.

Mubai didn\'t look away from his stare and demanded, "Then tell me what happened in detail, including your conservation, don\'t leave out even a word."

The security had told this story many times before and now he repeated the same story. "After I fetched Miss Xia from the compound, she requested that I take another route. After some distance, she said she had reached her destination and wanted me to go back alone. Then she got out and got into another car."

"You didn\'t say anything when she demanded to get out in the middle of the journey?"

"I did ask her why and she said she had something to do, and it was fine for me to leave her there."

"So you allowed her to get out."

The security replied calmly, "Yes, she insisted on getting out, so I couldn\'t do anything to stop her."

"You\'re a trained elite right, what kind of car she did she into and what was the car plate number?"

"The car was a black cross-country vehicle, but I was unable to catch the car plate."

Mubai scoffed. "You were unable to catch the plate number?"

"That\'s right," The security answered confidently.

Mubai\'s gaze immediately darkened. "I\'ll ask you one more time, what is the car plate number?"

"I already told you, I couldn\'t get a good look, I have no idea."

"You\'re lying!" Mubai growled vehemently, "Xinghe started the triangulation app on her phone before she left your car. However, the signal only appeared for a little while because I suspect her phone was destroyed the moment she was pulled out of your car. In other words, she had found out something suspicious about you when she was in the car and activated the app. Do I need to provide you with the proof‽"

The security was stunned; he had no clue about the triangulation app.

"I\'ll ask you again, who took Xinghe away and who did you allow to take her away‽" Mubai demanded with great aggression, like a beast ready to swallow his prey.

The security\'s eyes started to dart around nervously but he still denied it. "I really have no idea what you\'re talking about, why I would harm her…"

"If you continue to lie, I will kill you now!" Mubai stood up suddenly as he pulled the gun from the waist band of the security that stood beside him. The room was shocked; he was too quick for them to even have time to react.

The security guard who got his weapon swiped was speechless; his speed and reactions were already fast from years of training, but Mubai was even faster than him.

"Protect the president and Madam President!"

The group of security guards instantly formed a barricade around the two of them.

They also pulled out their guns and pointed them at Mubai. "Put down the gun!"

Mubai ignored them and focused on the security guard before him. The barrel of the gun touched the security guard\'s temple; he could see Mubai\'s finger over the trigger. The security guard was confounded; he hadn\'t expected that Mubai would do something like this.

Mubai\'s eyes were flashing with murderous intent. "I\'ll ask you again, who took her away? If you still refuse to answer, bid farewell to your life!"

"You will not escape if you commit murder in front of the president…" the security guard warned him with a shaking voice.

Mubai laughed. "Do you want to know what I prepared before I come here?"