Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 609: Charging into the President's House

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Chapter 609: Charging into the President\'s House

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

"Let\'s hope so…" The moment Madam President said that, the president\'s phone rang. It was his secretary; apparently Xi family\'s Xi Mubai was there to meet him.

The president was shocked. "Xi Mubai?"

"Yes, and he said that if you refuse to see him, he can\'t guarantee what he will do," the secretary reported anxiously. Mubai was openly threatening the president; he sure was brave. If not for his unique identity, the secretary would have called security on him. The president was understandably shocked; Xi Mubai dared to threaten him…

However, he wasn\'t offended, instead he ordered, "Let him in."


"Who is it?" Madam President asked, and the president sighed.

"It\'s Xi Mubai from the Xi family."

Madam President was shocked. "He\'s already awake? He must be here for Xinghe."

"That should be it."

Mubai was quickly led in by the security. He came alone and in a wheel chair, pushed into the room by the security, behind him were ten more security guards. They were afraid he might do something stupid.

Mubai was unfazed by the heightening security; his expression was calm and presence strong.

The president and his wife sighed when they saw him. This young man sure has courage and vigor to dare to charge into the president\'s house on his own.

Mubai greeted them calmly and said, "I\'m sorry, it is not my intention to disturb but my fiancée has disappeared after she arrived here, so I am a bit worried."

The president nodded understandingly. "I can understand your feelings, but you shouldn\'t have barged in here without invitation. This time, I\'ll forgive you by giving face to your grandfather, but it had better not happen again."

"Don\'t worry, as long as Xinghe is safe, I will not do anything," Mubai answered nonchalantly.

The president and his wife were shocked. In other words, if something happened to Xinghe, he would do something to harm them…

"Xi Mubai, do you understand who you are threatening?" the president questioned gravely.

Mubai didn\'t show any sign of fear. He smirked. "I know very well what I\'m doing, therefore, Mr. President, I hope you can locate Xinghe soon. I only have one request: she must return safely."

"We also hope that she is safe," Madam President relented. "Don\'t worry, I\'m sure the police will find her soon enough."

"But there\'s still no news even though half a day has passed," Mubai voiced his disgruntlement. "Therefore, I came in person, hopefully to hear for myself what has really happened."

Madam President understood his point of view so told him in detail everything that happened. He knew something was wrong with the security guard when she finished.

His eyes chilled as he said, "Please allow me to see that security guard; I have a few questions for him."

The president and his wife looked at each other before yielding to his request. The security guard was soon led to the room.

He started to get nervous when he saw the president and his wife, but he steeled himself to face the interrogation. He had no choice but to lie, since truth would only lead him to death.

Mubai, sitting in the wheelchair, suddenly asked in a chilling tone, "You\'re the one responsible for escorting Xinghe out of the president\'s house?"