Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 608: Looking for Xia Xinghe

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Chapter 608: Looking for Xia Xinghe

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Even though Elder Xi had retired, the president still valued his contribution. Furthermore, Xinghe was the engineer behind the mechanical heart, so her disappearance was high on the president\'s priority list. He had ordered all of his men to go look for her.

Not only that, many other people were also helping out with the search.

Sam\'s group was looking for her. The Gu family and Yan family also were also looking for her.

Gu Li\'s and Yan Lu\'s families were both based in City A. When they heard the bad news from Munan, they immediately reached out to their home to ask for help. Even the business world in City A was out and about in search of Xinghe; this was Mubai\'s influence.

In other words, the whole of City A was out looking for Xinghe. Tong Yan didn\'t expect that the whole city would be mobilized just because Xinghe had disappeared for half a day. Even Lu Qi sent his men out to aid in the search…

The scale of the search rescue didn\'t make Tong Yan feel uneasy, instead she was pissed. Who was this simple woman that she deserved so many people\'s attention?

In this world, no woman was allowed to one-up her! This steeled Tong Yan\'s determination to starve Xinghe to death!

After all, she was sealed off from the world and as long as the security didn\'t say anything, no one would find Xinghe. One week later, after Xinghe had died, it would all have been too late.

Regarding the consequences for killing Xinghe, Tong Yan was not at all worried. She was confident that no one was able to judge her, because the Shen family and Tong family would do everything to save her. Xia Xinghe\'s death would be covered up and no one would find out the truth.

After all, Tong Yan was raised in a life where mistakes had no serious consequences. She was the treasured princess of the whole world; no one was able to judge her. She was several stations above everyone else. Definitely no one would fault her even if they found out she was responsible for the death of a common woman like Xia Xinghe.

Instead Tong Yan started imagining the happiness on Lin Xuan\'s face when he found out she had helped him remove such a huge enemy. He would be deeply appreciative of her help. Just like childhood, every time she helped him take care certain people, he would be ecstatic and willing to accompany her for a few days.

This time, he would be overjoyed by her accomplish and perhaps would be happy enough to agree to be her boyfriend.

The rescue mission for Xinghe continued while Tong Yan was lost in her sweet dreams.

However, no matter how hard they tried, they couldn\'t find any trace of Xinghe!

The security guard was detained. He swore on his life that Xinghe requested to get out of his car on their way to the airport and hopped into another car. Therefore, he also had no idea where she had gone.

Several interrogations later and his testimony was still the same. He didn\'t dare to tell the truth, because if he did, he would have Xinghe\'s death on his hands. They wouldn\'t punish Tong Yan and he would be perfect scapegoat. Therefore, he wouldn\'t reveal the truth, no matter what.

He had already taken the wrong first step and the way back had been removed so he could only continue on this path of sin while ignoring his conscience. They were not going to get any clues about Xinghe from him.

Night had fallen but Xinghe was still nowhere to be found.

Other than the Lin family who celebrated behind closed doors, everyone else was incredibly worried. Even Madam President felt that way. She was worried about the talented woman\'s safety, and she felt guilty about it. After all, it was her own security that lost Xinghe.

The president noticed her anxiousness and consoled her, "Don\'t worry, the police are conducting a thorough search as we speak; they will definitely find her."