Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 605: Miscalculated

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Chapter 605: Miscalculated

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Therefore, she had already arranged for Ali and the others to hide in City A, and she was on the way to go meet them. After they reconvened, they would wait for the Lin family to strike. However, Xinghe miscalculated one person, which was Tong Yan.

She didn\'t expect the girl would be so intractable and come after her on behalf of the Lin family. A royal heiress but dumb enough to do other\'s dirty laundry. That… Xinghe didn\'t expect…

However, Xinghe would know all of this much later.

When Xinghe realized something was wrong, the car had already strayed far away from the allocated route.

"This road doesn\'t lead to the airport," she said to the security guard in the car.

He responded in a serious tone, "This is a shortcut. Miss Xia, do not worry, we will send you to the airport safely."

Xinghe felt suspicious but she didn\'t voice it. After all, these were Madam President\'s men; she had no reason to harm her. However, the car strayed further and further into the countryside…

The president\'s house was already pretty isolated, away from the city but even after so long, there was still no trace of human activity around them. Xinghe\'s suspicion grew bigger, something had gone wrong.

When she tried to surreptitiously send an SOS message, she was spotted by the trained security.

"Miss Xia, I advise you to put away your phone. Don\'t worry, we will not hurt you," the security told her with a sharp glance.

Xinghe was not surprised and asked calmly, "What are you up to?"

The security was impressed by her calm reaction. This woman is indeed a character.

"Someone wants to meet you, so we\'re taking you to her."

"Who is she?"

"You\'ll know soon enough."

Xinghe could attempt her own guess. It was either the Lin family or Tong Yan, only they were powerful enough to buy out the security. However, it came as a surprise to her that security at the president\'s house could be bought…

She was too careless. However, she couldn\'t sit there and do nothing!

Xinghe pressed rapidly twice on her phone and the triangulation software within sent out her phone\'s signal.

The security thought she was going to violate his warning and make a call but when he saw that she was merely touching it, he didn\'t do anything.

The car soon arrived at their destination. Other than another parked car, there was nothing else but nature.

The security stopped and told Xinghe, "Miss Xia, you can get out now. That car over there will escort you to the airport."

Xinghe stared at the security coldly. "Do you sincerely think I will reach the airport in one piece?"

The security was honestly shocked. "Of course."

"You will pay dearly for your stupidity." The moment Xinghe said so, the door was pulled open. Two men in black dragged Xinghe out of the car roughly and clamped their palms over her mouth.

The security was beyond shocked; this was different from what they\'d told him!

He rushed to help Xinghe but one of the men held him back and tossed him a phone. "The boss wants to have a word with you; if you have any questions, you can ask her directly!"

The security guard picked up the phone and Tong Yan\'s condescending voice drifted through from the other end. "If you still value your life, then follow my directions closely. Remember, after Xia Xinghe descended from your car, she disappeared from your sight and you have no idea where she went. However, you think you saw her get into a car that you could not identify."