Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 604: Force the Lin Family's Hand

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Chapter 604: Force the Lin Family\'s Hand

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Elder Lin berated him for his stupidity. "All those years floating about the political world were really wasted on you; you\'re even blunter than Little Xuan. Why do you think he leads Little Yan away?"

Comprehension dawned for Lin Kang. "We\'re sending Little Yan out?"

"She\'s the perfect candidate," Elder Lin said confidently. "We cannot allow this to be traced back to us, so we have to borrow someone else\'s hands to do this, as long as that person is not from the Lin family."

Lin Kang started to get worried. "Won\'t this harm Little Yan? If this thing were to be exposed…"

Elder Lin laughed. "Have you not considered Little Yan\'s identity? Who dares to do anything to her? At the end of the day, it\'s just a dead woman, there\'re many ways to cover that up."

Indeed, if anything happened to Tong Yan, the Shen family and Tong family would definitely intervene. Combined with the good words from the Lin family, the president would definitely forgive her. Therefore, nothing would befall Tong Yan, thus she was the perfect candidate to do the Lin family\'s dirty work.

Lin Kang finally understood, and he joined in with the laughter. "Father, I suppose this is what they meant by train an army for a thousand days to use it for an hour."

Elder Lin laughed even harder. "Indeed, we sowed the right seed so many years ago, it\'s finally time for us to sow our reward!"

"You\'ve revealed the information about the design now, aren\'t you afraid that the Lin family will do something against you?" Lu Qi asked Xinghe with worry after they sent everyone away. Needless to say, Xinghe had already considered that.

She replied, "Now is the time to force the Lin family to tip their hands and make a mistake."

"But, this is still too risky. You are completely unprepared, and this is City A. If they launch an attack against you, I\'m afraid you will not be able to defend yourself."

Xinghe raised her eyes slightly. "Who said I\'m unprepared?"

"You\'ve taken precautions?" Lu Qi was pleasantly surprised.

Xinghe nodded. "However, I do agree that this is highly risky. However, only by revealing our research will we be able to force them into action, or else if we just carried on with our design and cured the president, nothing would have happened. The Lin family have been waiting for this for years, they won\'t mind waiting for a few more. However, in a few years\' time, everything will be too late! Plus, my patience can\'t last that long."

"That might be true, but still, I worry about you. It\'s good that if this is successful, but if not, it\'ll only expose our weakness to them…"

Xinghe shook her head and determination filled her eyes. "This is a step that I must take, I\'ve done everything I could, so I leave the rest to fate. However, I believe firmly that the Lin family will not be able to escape their comeuppance this time! Karma is a nasty b*tch!"

Furthermore, if this plan was a success, their end wouldn\'t be that far away.

To give the Lin family the chance to get her, Xinghe requested to have a few days off from the president\'s house. The reason she gave was she wanted to visit Mubai. After all, she had been away from home for quite some time and worried about him.

Madam President understood how she felt so approved of her holiday and had the guards escort her to the airport.

Xinghe accepted her kindness and the car soon left the president\'s house.

Inside the car, Xinghe immediately called Ali and the rest. "I\'m on the move, wait for me at the old place."

Ali, who Xinghe had planted at City A earlier, replied, "Okay, we\'ll wait for you then."

Ever since she arrived at City A, she had thought of a lot of ways to deal with the Lin family, but no matter the plot, she would need manpower.