Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 603: Finally Made Their move

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Chapter 603: Finally Made Their move

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

Xinghe\'s lips curved into a smile as she glanced at the door that Lin Qian and Tong Yan had left through. Lin family, your move.

The Lin family was indeed shocked when they heard this news, but in front of Tong Yan, they took the news with pleasant surprise.

"Who would have thought they can come up with an amazing design like that? There is finally hope for the president," Elder Lin said with deep appreciation. He looked and sounded like a kind elderly, and that was the impression Tong Yan had of him, a kind and loving elder.

"Grandpa Lin, they only have theoretical success; it is another issue whether the thing can be realistically built or not." Tong Yan pouted. "However, it\'s still good that they can build it because then my uncle can be saved. Regardless, whether they can do it or not, that Xia Xinghe sure is annoying!"

"The president\'s health is more important than personal feuds," Elder Lin said understandingly. Beside him, Lin Xuan chimed in coldly, "Grandfather, should we just forget about Xiao Yun\'s death and Jing Jing\'s loss?"

"What else can we do when the girl is capable of saving the president?"

Lin Xuan\'s face darkened, and he stood up suddenly saying, "You guys have fun, I have something else to attend do, so I\'ll leave first."

Since he was leaving, Tong Yan had no reason to stay.

"Brother Xuan, where are you going? Wait for me…" Tong Yan stood up and quickly told the rest, "Grandpa, Uncle Lin, I also have to leave; I will come see you another day."

Elder Lin nodded with a kind smile. "Okay, go ahead, remember to come visit us when you have time because we will miss you."

"No problem!" Tong Yan immediately rushed to catch up to Lin Xuan.

Elder Lin was still smiling kindly watching Tong Yan\'s retreating shadow. Lin Kang noticed this and realized what his father was thinking. He told Lin Qian, "Xiao Qian, why don\'t you leave us be? I have something to discuss with your grandfather."

"Yes, Uncle." Lin Qian moved to oblige. This was the rule of the Lin family; whenever the men needed to discuss something, the womenfolk had to make themselves scarce. The women were on a need-to-know basis.

After everyone left, only Elder Lin and Lin Kang remained in the living room.

"Hmm, Kang, in the blink of an eye, Little Yan has gotten so big," Elder Lin lamented.

Lin Kang nodded. "Indeed, several decades have passed. Father, we\'ve waited for so long."

The kindness immediately disappeared from Elder Lin\'s eyes. "We\'ve indeed waited for too long, so long in fact that I\'m at the end of my patience."

"Success was already in front of our eyes and the Xi family had to appear and ruin our plan!" Lin Kang said through gritted teeth. "And that b*tch, if we\'d known she would be such a roadblock, we should have killed her in the very beginning!"

Elder Lin chuckled darkly. "Do not worry, her death is a guarantee, but now is not the time…"

"Father, if not now, then when? For the sake of this plan, we\'ve sacrificed too much! Xiao Yun, Jing Jing have already been sacrificed. That woman has ruined too many good deals we had going! Therefore, she has to be removed! We mustn\'t let them complete the mechanical heart research as well."

Elder Lin said with authority, "Do you think I don\'t know that? These people have to be removed, but not by our own hands."

Lin Kang was shocked. "Father, what do you mean by that?"