Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 602: The Lin Family Is in Trouble

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Chapter 602: The Lin Family Is in Trouble

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

"Madam, it\'s good that you believe me because your trust is the only one I need."

Madam President understood what was left unsaid, she turned around and lectured the room, "From this moment on, no one is allowed to doubt Miss Xia\'s capability anymore. Do not entertain yourself with baseless rumors; if you have time to do that, you might as well focus on your own research."

"Madam is right." The shame-faced doctors smiled. "We misunderstood Miss Xia, since she is so capable, of course we won\'t doubt her in future."

"Miss Xia, you\'ve proven yourself with this design so why didn\'t you show us this from the beginning? We would have avoided all the unnecessary drama."

"That\'s right, Miss Xia, why didn\'t you show us your design earlier?"

Xinghe didn\'t answer but turned to look at Lin Qian. The answer was obvious; she had to be guarded around the Lin family!

Lin Qian met her sharp gaze and her heart skipped a beat. Could Xia Xinghe have seen through our plan?

No matter what, she had to return quickly and inform her grandfather of this latest development. Trouble was brewing for the Lin family…

After Xinghe and Lu Qi\'s shocking show, the doctors had lost all interest in their work; they surrounded the duo, discussing their design endlessly. Even Madam President was caught up in their discussion.

However, even though the theory and technique were no longer issues, there was still the material to find. However, they were optimistic that they would find the necessary material soon. Utilizing the entire power of the government, they believed the material would be found soon after.

They had no idea finding the material was actually the biggest hurdle. Xinghe and Lu Qi didn\'t lead them into the knowledge much less reveal the energy crystal. Just as the room crowded around Xinghe and Lu Qi, Lin Qian snuck out of the room.

After she left, Tong Yan caught up to her. "Sister Lin Qian, where are you going?"

Lin Qian turned around and her pale face showed. "I\'m not feeling so well so I have to go home for some time."

Tong Yan thought she was feeling sad from being pressured. She consoled her immediately. "Sister Lin Qian, don\'t be sad. That Xia Xinghe is still so useless, so what if she knows how to draw? Plus, she must be doing this on purpose since she hid the design from everyone else! She must have purposely made us misunderstand her and then made use of the chance to shame us!"

Tong Yan was too conceited to admit she was at fault, so the fault had to be with someone else, and that someone had to be Xia Xinghe!

Lin Qian\'s eyes shone slightly, and she added angrily, "You\'re right, that woman is such a snake. She must be doing this because of me, how unlucky our Lin family is that we attracted the ire of someone like her."

Tong Yan was made even angrier by her words.

"That\'s right, she is really an awful human being. She killed Sister Lin Yun, sabotaged Sister Lin Jing, and now she\'s even coming after you! No way! I will not let her win!"

"Little Yan, you do treat me the best…" Lin Qian immediately offered an appreciative smile.

Tong Yan smiled smugly. "Naturally, after all, we\'ll be family in the future."

"If Lin Xuan were to hear that, I\'m sure he\'d be over the moon," Lin Qian said meaningfully.

The mention of Lin Xuan turned Tong Yan\'s mood around.

"Sister Lin Qian, I want to follow you. I\'ve not seen Brother Lin Xuan for days already."

"Okay, he\'ll be glad to see you…"

Just like that, they both left. No one other than Xinghe noticed their disappearance.