Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 600: Impossible Design

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Chapter 600: Impossible Design

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

What‽ Everyone was taken aback when the words \'mechanical heart\' were announced. What in the world is this thing?

Xinghe explained slowly, "The mechanical heart is Doctor Lu Qi\'s brilliant design; it\'s main purpose is to take over the human heart\'s function. And this is a computer-generated prototype I\'ve made using Doctor Lu\'s ideas and design."

Xinghe pressed the remote again and the screen changed. It was a mechanical heart where one could look into its internal structure. The heart was installed into the human body and was beating like a real heart. Every time it did so, the heart would pump blood throughout the human body. The screen showed in detail how the mechanical heart really functioned.

Everyone\'s jaws were on the floor when they saw this medical engineering marvel, especially the doctors!

This was because they understood the hard work that went into this thing. Outsiders might not understand it, but they knew how hard it was to come up with something like this.

It was not that the design was brand new but the technical difficulties the design entailed were not something that could be solved overnight. Most of the difficulties wouldn\'t be solved even if a hundred years had passed. Furthermore, the mechanical heart was huge compared to human organs, so it had a high requirement on the materials as well. In conclusion, this was an impossible design!

"And this design here, Doctor Lu and I have already completed." Xinghe\'s sudden voice reverberated across the room and into everyone\'s ears.

A doctor gasped in shock. "That\'s impossible!"

Other doctors chimed in.

"This is impossible; how can you two possibly accomplish the impossible?"

"That\'s right, no one is able to complete such a complicated design!"

"Xia Xinghe, stop trying to trick us with this computer model," Lin Qian yelled angrily. However, for some reason, anxiety sprung up in her heart. She felt that the other woman wasn\'t lying…

Regardless, she had to convince others and herself that Xinghe was lying to their faces.

The Madam President though was excited. How good this will be if it\'s true!

Xinghe expected as much and she said softly, "You can decide for yourself whether this is true or not after you hear Doctor Lu\'s explanation. I believe the mechanical heart\'s theory and application; Doctor Lu will slowly explain it to all of you."

She then turned to share a glance with Lu Qi. Lu Qi accepted the remote and started his detailed explanation.

Xinghe\'s computer-generated prototype was perfect; it was well-designed down to the smallest detail.

The prototype could be broken down into smaller pieces or sections when Lu Qi went to explain the theoretical application for a particular part. This facilitated the room\'s understanding of the project. Lu Qi continued his explanation section by section…

The room was so quiet one could hear a pin drop. Everyone stared straight at the screen, their ears wide open. The doctors especially didn\'t dare move their focus away from the presentation, afraid that they would miss something. The design was simply too ground-breaking!

Lu Qi\'s theoretical backing was precise and intricate, a medical miracle. Like a new-born, they listened to him attentively, soaking up all his knowledge…