Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 599: Give Them a Show

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Chapter 599: Give Them a Show

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"Why? Do you have a problem with my accusation? The fact is you are a useless woman; am I wrong? Well, I ask everyone here then, is she not a useless woman?"

Of course, no one dared to go against Tong Yan. Lin Qian was the first one to voice her opinion. She said clearly, "Xia Xinghe, you are a useless woman. You do not know anything about medicine; that is a fact, so I cannot help but wonder how your presence here is going to help the president in any way."

"That\'s right. Miss Xia, you\'ve been here for so long, but you have not done anything. We can\'t help but side with Miss Lin."

"It\'s not that we purposely want to make this difficult for you, but you really don\'t help yourself. If you really do deserve to be here, then show us, make us see that we\'re wrong."

"Fine," Xinghe suddenly promised. This shocked the crowd.

She added, "If all of you want a show, then I shall give you a show."

Tong Yan was stunned and asked, "Do you really intend to show us your capability?"

"That\'s right, isn\'t that what Miss Tong wants?" Xinghe returned her a question.

Tong Yan laughed out laugh. "Are you serious? Don\'t make me laugh. I\'ll concede that you have a business brain, but in terms of medicine, you\'re less than an amateur. If you really can make something out of this, I will call you Big Sister!"

"That won\'t be necessary, I\'m not interested in taking any stepsister." Xinghe rejected her directly; she was not going to treat her differently just because her name was Tong Yan. The girl was red with anger.

"Xia Xinghe, how dare you treat me like this‽ If this is all just a ruse, just watch how I\'ll teach you a lesson."

"Xia Xinghe, you\'ve truly crossed a line there!" Lin Qian came to Tong Yan\'s aid. "But we will not lower ourselves to deal with someone like you. Now you just need to show us what you\'re capable of and if you fail, then you have get out of the president\'s house."

Xinghe nodded and told the Madam President, "Madam, please follow me then."

Madam President nodded wordlessly because she too wanted to know if Xinghe was capable of curing the president.

Xinghe led the way and Lu Qi trailed behind her. He smiled to himself, in a while this bunch of sheep would find out what the meaning of true capability was!

They said Xinghe was useless? She alone could probably rival the combined talent of everyone there. Lu Qi couldn\'t wait for the face-slapping to begin. The face-slapping was going to be extra delicious because these people still didn\'t believe Xinghe; they were waiting for her to make a fool of herself.

Little did they know, they were the royal fools.

Xinghe soon led them to Lu Qi\'s lab. Lu Qi\'s lab was huge, but the biggest equipment in there was a supercomputer. This was the only thing Lu Qi demanded when he accepted the job. Other than that, his lab had practically nothing.

The moment Tong Yan entered, she said snidely, "That Xia something, why did you bring us here? There\'s nothing but empty space here."

Xinghe didn\'t explain but started working on the computer. Soon, the screen on the wall before them lit up, however there was no image on it.

Xinghe took a remote and stood up. She pointed at the screen and clicked a button. Immediately, the picture of a heart appeared. However, the heart looked different from a normal human heart.

Xinghe\'s clear voice rang out at the same time.

"What you\'re seeing before you is not a live heart but a mechanical heart!"