Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 598: Launch an Attack at Xinghe

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Chapter 598: Launch an Attack at Xinghe

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She thought her various workplace bullying would force Xinghe away, but the shameless woman barely batted an eye at her machinations. In fact, Xinghe wouldn\'t even acknowledge her petty actions.

This, combined with Lin Qian\'s daily agitation and a few phone calls with Lin Xuan where he hinted at his deep displeasure at Xinghe, caused Tong Yan\'s hatred towards her to reach an all-time high. She couldn\'t stand the woman anymore!

She needed to take care of Xinghe fast so that she could ask for a reward from her Brother Lin Xuan.

Coincidentally, the president fell sick that day and was finally saved after a difficult operation. Tong Yan made use of the opportunity to launch an offense at Xinghe.

In front of everyone, Tong Yan pointed at Xinghe and shouted rudely, "Auntie, I really cannot stand it anymore, you have to evict that woman now! What is she doing here when she contributes nothing? She just stood by and watched when uncle\'s illness suddenly acted up just now. Why should we keep her around? A woman like her knows nothing other than to lie her way in here, hoping to get some benefits from us. Auntie, we mustn\'t let ourselves be tricked; she is a professional con artist; she needs to be dragged out of the president\'s house and straight into the electric chair! She deserves a fate worse than death!"

Her sudden offense shocked everyone present. Only Lin Qian seemed to surreptitiously revel in her tragedy.

However, Xinghe maintained her composure; her face was as calm as ever.

Lu Qi though was angered. "Miss Tong, Xinghe is my personal assistant; I have absolute confidence in her capability, so would you please not slander her anymore?"

After Lu Qi came to Xinghe\'s rescue, Tong Yan flared up even more. It was not that she liked Lu Qi, but since she was born, she was well aware that every man would be on her side since they would do everything to win her heart.

The appearance of an exception irked her to no end.

"Brother Lu, it looks like you have also been swindled by this crone. You say she\'s capable, yet I\'ve yet to see evidence of that. If she\'s truly capable, tell her to prove it to us; where is her capability? She\'s been here for so long, but what has she done other than eat and sleep?" The more Tong Yan argued, the better she felt; she \'knew\' that she was right. That was because she was, technically, right. At least in the eyes of most people there, Xinghe had done nothing worthwhile.

Even though Tong Yan\'s words were a bit indecorous, she did voice the thoughts in the minds of everyone there. Even Madam President was slowly being swayed by her words.

She believed Lu Qi and thus, by extension, believed Xinghe. However, she was alarmed by their lack of progress for so long.

"Miss Xia, I hope you\'ll forgive Little Yan\'s words due to her young age. However, I am indeed curious about what the two of you are up to. Could you please reveal some information to us?" Madam President asked gracefully, like a kind elder.

Tong Yan groused, "Auntie, what can she reveal other than her being a con artist? Why are we so polite towards her? She is a criminal that has deceived the president of the country; she should be given the death penalty!"

"Looks like Miss Tong does have some negative opinions of me," Xinghe suddenly opened her mouth to say.

This lit Tong Yan up like fireworks on the 4th of July.