Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 593: Rumors

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Chapter 593: Rumors

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He\'d thought he could shield Xinghe by maintaining his rather neutral stance, but in the end, he was in the same boat as her. Just how slow am I?

Xinghe nodded. "She\'s after both of us. She knows your relationship to the Xi family and now you\'ve hired me as your assistant, so no matter whether you can cure the president or not, they will be guarded against you. To prevent accidents from happening, the best solution is to chase you and me away."

"That\'s why Lin Qian has been spreading rumors that you\'re Mr. Nan Gua, thus applying pressure to us…" Lu Qi finally caught up to the situation.

"That\'s right." Xinghe\'s eyes shone. "But that is fine, no matter what kind of tricks they pull, it will not work."

"You\'ve come up with a solution?"

"There\'s no need for one." Xinghe smiled. "After all, a straight foot is not afraid of a crooked shoe."

Lu Qi sighed in relief. "You\'re right, as long as we do nothing wrong and come with only the intention to help the president, we have no need to be afraid of them. But don\'t worry, if anything does happen, I will shield you from the front. I don\'t believe she will really dare to do something against me."

Xinghe was thankful even though she really wasn\'t afraid. If she was, then she wouldn\'t be Xia Xinghe!

Due to Lin Qian\'s intervention, Lu Qi decided to isolate himself from the other doctors. Since they would only see him through Lin Qian\'s tainted filter, then he might as well focus on his own research, instead of wasting time with them.

Xinghe, like usual, didn\'t care about what others thought about her; she was focused fully with Lu Qi on the mechanical heart research. They were absolutely focused on their work. They would spend the whole day at the lab perfecting the design and would leave only when the moon was high in the sky.

Due to Lin Qian\'s malicious rumors, the way everyone looked at them changed. They knew of Xinghe\'s past, that she was a divorcee. However, Lu Qi came from a good family, a dashing bachelor, they all thought Xinghe was not good enough for him, especially, the younger female doctors, who had googly eyes around Lu Qi.

This increased their annoyance towards Xinghe. Every time they passed her, they would give her a chilling side-eye. Other people also started to look at her curiously.

Needless to say, Xinghe knew these people were influenced by Lin Qian\'s words into having a prejudice against her. Thankfully, she was impervious to other people\'s looks so she didn\'t bend over backwards to explain herself to these people.

Eventually, sometime after their altercation, Xinghe finally stumbled across Lin Qian again at the president\'s house. She had beside her a young girl, the girl was cute, she looked just over twenty. Lin Qian was chatting happily with the girl, but when she saw Xinghe, her face frosted over. The girl also noticed Xinghe who was walking their way.

"Sister Lin Qian, who is she?" the girl queried.

Lin Qian glared at Xinghe and scoffed, "Who else but Mr. Nan Gua?"

"Mr. Nan Gua?" The girl was confused. What kind of name is this?

Lin Qian didn\'t explain but added, "She is the famous Xia Xinghe that caused your Sister Lin Jing to lose her beloved company."

The girl widened her eyes in shock. "That\'s her‽"

"That\'s right, take a good look at the shameless woman. She doesn\'t know anything about medicine but is now at the president\'s house to help cure the president\'s illness apparently, so everyone refers to her as Mr. Nan Gua."