Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 592: Mr. Nan Gua

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Chapter 592: Mr. Nan Gua

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"You…" Lin Qian was angered by her insolence. "Xia Xinghe, how can you be so arrogant when you know nothing."

"That\'s pot calling the kettle black."

"What nonsense, I have valid reasons to question your presence here, since you really do know nothing. In that case, you should pack up and leave and not pretend to be a Mr. Nan Gua here!" Lin Qian directly chased her out by mocking her openly. That idea was already in everyone\'s mind that Xinghe was only an outsider there, but that impression was now further enhanced by Lin Qian\'s incendiary words.

"It\'s not your decision to decide whether people are Mr. Nan Gua or not. Miss Lin, keep to your responsibility and let other people do theirs," Xinghe replied calmly; Lin Qian\'s aggression completely flew over her head. However, the greater her insouciance, the angrier Lin Qian became.

"Fine, it might not be my decision, but it will definitely be someone\'s decision!" Lin Qian slammed her hands on the table and left in a hissy fit. The air was still polluted by the awkward argument.

Lu Qi also stood up. "Everyone, we shall take our leave as well; if you have any questions, you can come find me personally."

Then he took Xinghe and left. The remaining doctors looked at one another in shock. They hadn\'t expected things to go so awry.

A male doctor sighed. "Looks like there will never be peace between females."

A few nodded in agreement. They assumed this was an argument sparked by jealousy. Only the senior doctor could see through the haze. He lamented, "You lot are still too young and too simple. Haven\'t you heard of the relationship between the Xi family and the Lin family?"

"Xi family? From City T, what does this have to do with them?"

"That woman is Xi Mubai\'s ex-wife and earlier she even helped Xi Empire consume the Lin family\'s Bao Hwa."

Now they had a new appreciation of the situation. The clash between Bao Hwa and Xi Empire was national news; they didn\'t expect to meet the main participant in person!

At that moment, their impression of Xinghe changed again. The woman is not simple, but what is she doing here in the president\'s house?

Lu Qi brought Xinghe to his private lab. He consoled her, "Don\'t worry about what Lin Qian said, we shouldn\'t lower ourselves to her level?"

Xinghe asked him softly, "Do you think I would demean myself by doing that?"

Lu Qi sensed the underlying condescension Xinghe had for Lin Qian.

"Regardless, it\'s wonderful that you don\'t get distracted by her words. We should focus on finishing the mechanical heart\'s design," Lu Qi said with relief.

"You\'re right, we have to work fast, but the days ahead for you will be difficult," Xinghe reminded him softly.

Lu Qi was taken aback. "Me?"

"Lin Qian represents the Lin family, even though her prejudice is pointed at me, but she won\'t leave you out of it. In fact, because of me, she\'ll probably come after you even harder. The Lin family will find out ways to chase you and me away, so you have to be careful," Xinghe analyzed.

Lu Qi was shocked. How did she come up with all of this?

"You mean, Lin Qian is really after me as well?" Lu Qi asked in shock; he\'d thought Lin Qian\'s aggression was only directed at Xinghe.