Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 590: A Family of Fools

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Chapter 590: A Family of Fools

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Who harmed who exactly‽

She didn\'t go looking for them for revenge and they had the audacity to pin the explosion on her. However, Xinghe had also realized Lin Qian had no idea what really happened. The irony of it all… it was Lin Xuan who killed Lin Yun, but her own sister was clueless of the truth. It looked like the Lin family was even more depraved than she\'d thought.

"So that\'s why you thought it was us who killed her?" Xinghe asked.

"Is that not true?" The hatred in Lin Qian\'s eyes became more pronounced. "If not for both of you, she wouldn\'t have died! Listen to me, you murderer, the heavens will punish you for killing my sister in cold blood! One day, you will regret coming after the Lin family!"

This was such a droll, Xinghe knew she was talking about Lin Kang\'s eventual presidency. Alas, as long as she was around, Xinghe would not allow that to happen.

"Are you done?" Xinghe said with a tired sigh, "If you\'re done then, please move yourself out of my face; you\'re interrupting my rest."

"You—" Lin Qian didn\'t think Xinghe would be so rude towards her, at the heat of moment, she raised her hand to slap Xinghe.

Xinghe caught her hand in mid-air and held it firmly!

Lin Qian was surprised by Xinghe\'s strength; she couldn\'t swat Xinghe off no matter how hard she tried. "B*tch, let me go!"

Xinghe obliged and let go of her. Surprised by the sudden release, Lin Qian faltered several steps back.

"You really should check your facts before you go barking up the wrong tree." Xinghe looked at her emotionlessly, her tone as chilling as winter\'s frost. "I will not be so kind next time. If you want to find your sister\'s murderer, why don\'t you go ask Lin Xuan?"

After that, she slammed the door in Lin Qian\'s face. This shocked Lin Qian. What does she mean by that? Is she telling me it was Lin Xuan who killed Lin Yun? Impossible, my brother would not lift a finger against his cherished sister. Furthermore, this heartless woman has ruined Lin Jing\'s life, so this must her trying to pit us against each other!

In any case, Lin Qian believed for a fact that it was Xinghe and Mubai who caused her sister\'s death and she would make them pay for that.

Lin Qian started laughing when she realized Xinghe was also at the president\'s house. Xia Xinghe, now that you\'ve stepped into my territory, let\'s see how long you can keep that smug smile of yours!

Needless to say, like a lazy cliché, Xinghe knew Lin Qian would come after her. However, she was not afraid of that; in fact, Xinghe was actually worried that she wouldn\'t come after her!

She was having trouble finding a reason to tackle the Lin family, but since Lin Qian was going to offer herself up as an opening, Xinghe welcomed it fully.

The next day, Xinghe followed Lu Qi as he went to give the president a checkup. Early every morning, a bunch of doctors would come to help the president with his physical so that they could keep themselves updated on his conditions. Needless to say, Lin Qian was one of them.

Actually, she had a doctorate in medical science and was quite good at work. In fact, all of the doctors there were famed in the medical field; Xinghe was the sole exception. Everyone knew she was not a doctor, she was Lu Qi\'s special assistant.

After the physical was done, everyone left so as to not disturb the president\'s rest and work. They returned to the medical building to discuss the president\'s conditions and recuperation. Everyone gave their opinion, again, Xinghe was the sole exception.

Suddenly, Lin Qian glared at Xinghe and asked, "Doctor Lu, if you don\'t mind me asking, why do you keep that woman around as your assistant if she appears to know nothing?"