Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 589: I'm Lin Yun

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Chapter 589: I\'m Lin Yun

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

Even a crazed scientist had to eat sometimes, it seemed.

After Lu Qi left, Xinghe started unpacking. After she finished her nightly rituals and prepared to retire for the night, someone knocked on her door. Xinghe was confused by the mysterious knocker.

She opened her door and standing outside was a tall woman about her height. She was pretty, but her glaring eyes spoke more than enough of her intentions.

"Who are you looking for?" Xinghe asked softly.

The woman gave her a cold once-over and asked, "Are you Xia Xinghe? Lu Qi\'s assistant?"

Xinghe nodded while she was still confused about the woman\'s identity. She looked suspiciously familiar, like she had met her somewhere before.

The woman chuckled coldly when she saw Xinghe nod. "Xia Xinghe, we finally meet. The world is indeed small that we can meet under such circumstances."

"Who exactly are you?" Xinghe asked calmly. She was not unhinged by the woman aggressive demeanor.

Realizing Xinghe was not a pushover, the woman leaned in to whisper in her ear, "Who am I? I\'m Lin Yun!"

When Xinghe heard the name \'Lin Yun\', she was indeed surprised, but she quickly found her footing again.

"You\'re from the Lin family?" Xinghe asked even though her question sounded more like a statement.

The woman smirked. "That\'s right, I\'m a Lin! I\'m Lin Yun\'s real sister, surprised?"

"Lin Qian?"

Lin Qian laughed sarcastically. "Looks like you did your homework, you even know my name."

Xinghe had memorized the Lin family\'s family tree when Lin Yun first appeared on the scene. The Lin family had three daughters; the eldest was Lin Qian, followed by Lin Jing, and finally Lin Yun. She had already met Lin Yun and Lin Jing so this woman before her must be Lin Qian.

In her investigation, Xinghe knew Lin Qian was a doctor, but she didn\'t expect she would stumble into her here. Then again, when she thought about it, how could the Lin family miss out on such a good opportunity to promote their agenda?

After all, the president had the right to suggest his or her successor and with the current president\'s reputation, his named successor would have a good chance at winning. Therefore, the Lin family would definitely try their best to suck up to the dying president, to give them the best chance at winning.

Many thoughts crowded Xinghe\'s mind, but her face showed no traces of it. Her intention unreadable, she asked calmly, "Get on with it then, what is the purpose of your visit?"

Lin Qian smirked. "No reason, just came to see the face of my sister\'s murderer. But from the looks of it, she\'s nothing special except for her incredibly dark heart!"

Xinghe picked up the shocking news, this woman thought it was them who killed Lin Yun!

"I had nothing to do with Lin Yun\'s death," Xinghe retorted coldly.

Like another ditzy bimbo cannon fodder, Lin Qian laughed coldly as a flash of hatred floated up in her eyes. "But she died because of you. If you and that Xi Mubai didn\'t forcefully drag her away, how could she have ended up dead? You two are her killers!"

Xinghe\'s gaze immediately darkened.