Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 588: Moving into the President's House

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Chapter 588: Moving into the President\'s House

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There were a lot of majestic looking buildings, and there were security guards posted everywhere. After the car past the last checkpoint, Xinghe saw Lu Qi waiting for her by the side of a building.

When he saw her, he smiled brightly. When the car stopped, he even came forward to help her with the door.

The patrolling guards were intrigued. Who is this woman that the famous Doctor Lu, Senator Lu\'s grandson, would personally come to welcome?

"You\'re finally here," Lu Qi said with a dazzling smile. Xinghe nodded and stepped out of the car.

Lu Qi went straight to the point, "Come on, I\'ll show you to your room."

A group of soldiers materialized to help Xinghe with her luggage. Lu Qi pulled Xinghe along as he introduced to her the points of interest.

"That white building over there is the medical building, those beside it are hostels. You see that white villa far away, that\'s the president\'s personal residence…"

Xinghe nodded along quietly, but she didn\'t seem impressed by anything there.

Lu Qi saw her lack of reaction and couldn\'t help but feel disappointed. "How come you don\'t seem interested in the thing here?"

Even he was shocked by the scale of the things there when he first arrived. Xinghe was a lot more collected than he had been.

"The huge size of this place did surprise me," Xinghe said softly, signifying her shock, although it would be hard to call what she experienced as shock.

Lu Qi sighed helplessly. He realized that was how Xinghe was, impervious to most things. They soon reached the hostels.

They might be called hostels, but they were actually studio apartments. Every apartment was exquisitely designed. Even though there was only one bedroom and one living room, the space was big enough for the single resident to live comfortably. The apartments were split according to genders even though the buildings were connected. After Lu Qi brought Xinghe to her room, he suggested they go have dinner.

"The canteen here is like a restaurant. Come on, I\'m sure you\'re hungry already."

Xinghe shook her head. "I\'m not that hungry, what shall I do next?"

"Assist me with my design and then construct it as soon as possible," Lu Qi answered.

Xinghe nodded. "Then let\'s start working."

"No need to rush." Lu Qi laughed. "It\'s already quite late, take the night off and we can start tomorrow morning."

"That works too."

"If you don\'t feel like going to the canteen, you can cook yourself. There are ingredients in the kitchen. If you need anything, you can call the service number, here is the list of numbers," Lu Qi passed her a telephone book.

Xinghe accepted and then nodded. "Thank you."

"Then I\'ll be leaving, if you need anything, call me. I\'ll be in the next building."


Even though Lu Qi had said everything needed to be said, he continued fussing like an overprotective big brother before he finally left. Xinghe didn\'t know he has such a garrulous side to him. It humanized him in her eyes. After all, her impression of him had always stuck on his crazed medical scientist image.