Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 585: Confident in Curing Him

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Chapter 585: Confident in Curing Him

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However, he was a positive person, so at least he had that going for him.

Madam President sighed. "Of course, I will do that, but for him, the country is more important than himself."

Elder Lin also sighed. "He really shouldn\'t be working. The work is endless, and at this moment, his body is the most important. Madam, you should keep on advising him, let him rest and don\'t let him overexert himself."

For some reason, in Lu Qi\'s ears, Elder Lin\'s words took on another meaning: President, you\'re already so sick, so don\'t hold on to the post so stubbornly, give other people a chance to shine!

However, it seemed to have eluded Madam President\'s ears, she nodded along. "Don\'t worry, I\'ll try my best to get him to rest. Elder Lin, you too must be tired; do go home to rest for now."

"I\'m fine, the most important thing is the president. I\'ve been worried sick about him, worried that some accident may befall him. So, I\'m glad that Doctor Lu is finally here to soften his pain." With that, Elder Lin turned to look at Lu Qi approvingly. Then he asked, "I hear it was you who saved Xi Mubai. Everyone across the nation has been talking about this lately; they say you\'re a miracle worker."

Lu Qi smiled humbly. "I\'m not as good as they make me out to be. Actually, I took several long months to save Mubai."

Elder Lin\'s smile grew bigger. "No matter what, you eventually saved him. Unfortunately, our Lin family was not so fortunate."

At that point, Elder Lin\'s smile turned into a frown as if on cue. They knew he was saddened by Lin Yun\'s death. Lin Yun had died immediately in that explosion.

"Elder Lin, my condolences, but try not to get too affected by it. You must learn to take care of yourself," Madam President immediately consoled him. Elder Lin nodded and continued the conversation for a bit before leaving. His mission had been accomplished, his only reason for being there was to see whether Lu Qi had confidence in curing the president or not. Looks like he didn\'t.

Elder Lin\'s frown turned back into a smile. He believed the post of president would be the Lin family\'s soon!

Little did his know, after he left, Lu Qi told Madam President seriously, "Madam, I didn\'t tell you this earlier but regarding the president\'s situation, I might have confidence in curing him."

She was pleasantly surprised. "What did you say? You can really heal him?""

"I\'m not a hundred percent sure so I didn\'t dare to say it earlier. Therefore, I wish for madam to keep this a secret as well, at least until I\'m more certain of everything."

"I understand." Madam President nodded happily. "Don\'t worry, I will not tell anyone, and no matter what is the result, I still thank you for your help."

"Thank you, Madam, I will try my best." Lu Qi nodded and steeled his determination to save the president. The president and his wife were good people and had done a lot of good for Hwa Xia. Therefore, he would try his best.

Naturally he needed Xinghe\'s help. Lu Qi moved into the president\'s house to help with the president\'s health.

When he returned to his room, he immediately gave Xinghe a call. After he filled her in, she was shocked. "The reason behind the president\'s health issue is his heart?"