Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 582: Lu Qi Is a Good Doctor

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Chapter 582: Lu Qi Is a Good Doctor

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On the day of the surgery, it was showering lightly. Other than the sound of raindrops, the medical lab was quiet. Security stood guard over every entrance to prevent non-related personnel from entering.

The Xi family, including Xinghe, stood vigil outside of the surgery room. The surgery had been going on for ten hours, but no one left. No one was that greatly affected by emotions; they waited calmly for the surgery result.

Even though the risk was high, but they believed the surgery would be a success because inside was none other than Mubai, who had never let them down before. They believed he wouldn\'t start doing that now.

Thankfully, he didn\'t!

The surgery was a success, Mubai survived it and didn\'t disappoint them!

"Everything went swimmingly! The surgery was perfect," Lu Qi announced excitedly. These two simple sentences were enough to make some of them cry. Even Xinghe had difficulty holding back the tears in her eyes.

This was the first time she had lost control of her emotions so much. However, the smile on her face froze when she saw Mubai who was wheeled out of surgery. His face was inhumanly pale, and his breath was weak. It looked as if the surgery had only made his condition worse. Worry was plainly written on their faces.

Lu Qi explained, "That was a large operation, so it\'s normal for him to look a bit weak post-surgery. But don\'t worry, he\'ll only get better from now on."

"Lu Qi, thank you, thank you so much," Mrs. Xi said as her tears finally fell.

"Lu Qi, your medical skill is indeed as good as they say, well done!" Munan gave him two thumbs up. Others continued to shower him with praises.

Lu Qi smiled humbly. "The biggest contributor was actually Miss Xia. Without her, the surgery wouldn\'t have been possible."

They turned to look at Xinghe and realized she was studying Mubai with a curious expression.

"Big Sister Xia, what\'s on your mind?" Munan asked directly. Did she find something wrong with Mubai?

Xinghe shook her head, raised her eyes to meet theirs and said, "Release the news to the public tomorrow that Mubai\'s surgery was highly successful and it was Dr. Lu Qi who saved him from the brink of death."

"Why?" Jiangsan asked instinctually. Even though Mubai\'s situation had to be revealed to the public eventually, it was obvious that Xinghe had other plans in mind.

"Because Lu Qi is a good doctor," Xinghe said cryptically but Grandfather Xi and the rest understood immediately.

The president was dying from illness, so the thing he needed most now was medical attention. Lu Qi already had a good name in the medical community, combined with this news, he would definitely be invited to cure the president.

If he managed to save the president, then the election wouldn\'t need to happen!

Grandfather Xi nodded excitedly. "That\'s right, get the news out now, contact the media immediately, the news has to be on tomorrow\'s front page. Remember to heavily emphasis Lu Qi\'s medical skill!"

"I\'ll have it done immediately," Jiangsan said happily.

The Xi family was happy, but Lu Qi was befuddled. What are they talking about?