Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 580: I'm Not From the Xi Family

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Chapter 580: I\'m Not From the Xi Family

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They would have no reservations about going after the Xi family then. Even if they didn\'t do it openly, there were many shticks they could pull behind the scene, like suppressing Xi Empire, destroying Munan\'s future, these alone could ruin the Xi family as easily as Xinghe ruined Bao Hwa. Therefore, they had to stop the Lin family from winning the election or it would be end for the Xi family!

"No wonder Lin Xuan could kill Lin Yun so easily when she slipped up," Xinghe suddenly opened her mouth to say. Everyone in the room was shocked. That\'s right; it was probably because of this that Lin Xuan had to silence Lin Yun. If Lin Kang was going to participate in the election, there couldn\'t be any scandals.

Munan muttered, "No wonder they didn\'t do anything even after Big Sister Xia took down Bao Hwa. They couldn\'t risk it because they were waiting for this."

Jiangsan added, "They must be waiting to revenge against us."

"The point is they must have known about the president\'s physical condition a long time ago or else Lin Xuan wouldn\'t have even thought about killing Lin Yun," Xinghe analyzed. Grandfather Xi looked at her and nodded satisfactorily. He did well calling her to join them; her brain was equal to, if not better than, most men.

"If that\'s the case, they must have been preparing for this for a long time and will go about this swiftly," Munan also contributed.

"This means that they must be confident," Jiangnian added with a low voice. The deeper they analyzed, the darker their faces became because this meant they were in deeper waters than they\'d realized.

"Dad, I will go to City A now; we can\'t sit here and do nothing," Jiangnian said with determination.

Grandfather Xi shook his head. "You cannot do that. Without permission, you and Munan are not to leave the military. Things can easily go wrong at this juncture and the moment one of us slip, the Lin family, who must be watching us closely, will hound us endlessly."

Jiangnian understood then. If he went to City A, he would have to pay certain people a visit. Those people might offer smiles, but they had their own allegiances and enemies. Who knew who would be in power after the election, if he was brought into some additional rivalry, it would not be beneficial to the family. They had to watch their step and thus going to City A was a bad idea.

If they didn\'t have this feud with the Lin family, going to City A would be doable, but now that move would be too risky since they would be entering the Lin family\'s territory.

"Dad, I\'ll go. I don\'t hold a government post, so it\'ll be fine if I go to City A," Jiangsan offered.

Grandfather Xi looked at him and still shook his head. "You might not be a government officer, but you\'re a Xi. Trouble will still haunt you."

"I\'m not a Xi," Xinghe said suddenly. The rest whipped their heads around to look at her.

Xinghe explained slowly, "I\'m divorced from Mubai, so I\'m no longer a Xi. Even if something happened to me, it wouldn\'t be so easily tied back to the Xi family. Furthermore, I\'m a woman; they usually underestimate a woman. At most they\'ll think I\'m a good businesswoman, they won\'t be so guarded with my presence."

"No, Big Sister Xia you cannot go; City A is the Lin family\'s liar. You\'ve angered them multiple times before; going there will land you in hot waters. It\'s too dangerous," Munan vetoed her idea immediately.

Grandfather Xi nodded. "That\'s right, we cannot allow you to take this risk."