Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 579: The Sky Was Changing (End of Jewelry Company Arc)

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Chapter 579: The Sky Was Changing (End of Jewelry Company Arc)

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So, in essence, she had created something to capture Mubai\'s heart?

Isn\'t that a bit too on the nose?

Xinghe shook her head to push the ridiculous thought out of her mind.

The scientists soon returned with the good news, the material had been adapted and it matched their requirements perfectly!

Xinghe was overjoyed when she heard this. Her happiness was shared by the Xi family and even Lu Qi. They had finally seen the light at the end of the tunnel. Xinghe didn\'t waste any more time and immersed herself in her work. She had practically moved into the lab. The researchers fought by her side; there was a lot of sleepless nights…

The Xi family spent their days on edge, worried about the result of the research; this was Lu Qi\'s biggest worry as well. That had become their only focus, they had isolated themselves from the world. However, a world shattering piece of news happened then!

Hwa Xia\'s president suddenly came down with a serious illness, his life hanging in the balance. The moment this news got out, the Xi family hosted an emergency family meeting in the middle of the night. Even Xinghe was called to attend the meeting.

She was at her lab, under strict orders that no one was to disturb her, but the Xi family still called for her. This went to show the severity of the situation. Even Munan, who was at training camp, was called back home.

The atmosphere in the study was solemn, and Xinghe was the only female there.

After everyone was there, Grandfather Xi began seriously, "The reason I\'ve called everyone here is because I have something important to announce. The president is dying, and the sky is changing."

The room was shocked. Munan was the first to ask, "How come I\'ve not heard anything about this?"

"The news has been kept on lock down for almost half a month, but now, things have gotten so serious that it cannot be kept under wraps anymore. I only just found out about this," Grandfather Xi said with a disappointed sigh. Even since his retirement, he seemed to have lost his footing within the political scene. He found out such a big piece of news only at the last minute; he lamented his uselessness, senility it appeared had finally caught up to him.

"Dad, is this news reliable?" Jiangnian asked.

Grandfather Xi nodded. "It has been confirmed to be true and people have been preparing for a re-election. This news will probably be released to be public in a few days and the election will be announced then, too."

"Then this means that the Lin family…" Jiangsan finally figured out wherein lay the issue.

"That\'s right!" Grandfather Xi\'s face was drawn. "The Lin family will enter the running as well. That old man has waited all these years for an opportunity like this, his old age might prevent him from running, but his eldest son, Lin Kang, can surely enter on his behalf."

Lin Kang was City A\'s mayor and with the Lin family\'s strong family influence, connections, and power, the chance of Lin Kang winning was huge.

Munan\'s face dropped. "Then what shall we do? If Lin Kang wins, our Xi family…"

He didn\'t finish his sentence, but the meaning was obvious. Their Xi family would die!

Now that the rivalry between the Lin and Xi families had been brought to the daylight; they would not let the Xi family be. Currently, the Lin family didn\'t dare to come after the Xi family too openly, but after a member of the Lin family became president, all those inhibitions would disappear.