Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 578: A Cage to Lock the Heart

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Chapter 578: A Cage to Lock the Heart

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

Xinghe didn\'t even realize that he had left. In fact, his existence had long since escaped her mind. After the short lunch, Xinghe returned to her work.

Xinghe had spent most of her time looking for a suitable material, and even though she had scanned through most of the information, she hadn\'t found the material she needed. The closest match was coal.

However, coal had its downsides, too. it was too fragile and thus needed other materials to support it, but that would push it over the weight limit. Xinghe needed a material that could be made into nano size without needing to be compounded with other materials and still match their requirement.

The requirement list was long; it had to be perfect in terms of weight, thermal, and electrical conductivity, compatibility with human blood and many more criteria…

Therefore, it was difficult to locate the necessary material. In fact, it should be something not available in the known world or else she would have located it by then.

Xinghe took her hand off the mouse and rubbed her weary eyes. Just as she prepared to move on, a light bulb moment happened!

The phrase \'something not available in the known world\' gave her an inspiration, the energy crystal! Wasn\'t that something not available in the known world?

Furthermore, it was light weight, the size of a brick but it was as soft as plastic in one\'s grasp. Furthermore, it had incredible high density, it could produce a large amount of an energy with a small mass. This could be the material she needed!

Propelled by the excitement of a breakthrough, Xinghe dashed to the lab. When Xinghe took out the energy crystal, the researchers there were stunned beyond words.

"Miss Xia, what is this?"

They had never seen anything like it, it looked like coal but was not metallic in nature.

"It\'s a unique material. You don\'t need to care how I found this and, for your own safety, do not leak this information to the public," Xinghe said softly.

The scientists nodded. "Don\'t worry, not a word out of us."

Actually, even without Xinghe\'s order, they wouldn\'t have said a word to the public. Those working at the lab had signed a non-disclosure agreement. This was basic ethics for those working in the sciences. Therefore, Xinghe believed them.

"Miss Xia, do you plan to use this to create the mechanical heart?" one of them asked.

Xinghe nodded. "Yes. Maybe this is usable after it has been made into a nano material."

"Sure, we\'ve tested out so many materials, we don\'t mind testing this out."

"Then, I will leave this in your hands."

"No problem."

After Xinghe\'s gave them the energy crystal, she left with a heavy heart, worried that this would be another failure, however, her instincts told her that this would be the breakthrough they needed. Therefore, she rushed to finish the design. Xinghe dashed home to start working.

The lab had actually come up with an improved final design even though the material was still missing. Xinghe introduced some tweaks to it and, a few days later, the final design was confirmed.

It had the shape of a human heart but had plenty of empty spaces in the middle. The empty spaces were to decrease the overall weight, giving the thing the appearance of having pattern decorations.

For some reason, Xinghe felt the thing look like a cage, a cage to lock up the heart.