Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 577: Race Against Time

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Chapter 577: Race Against Time

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If it was, then wouldn\'t she be too much of a genius?

The artificial limb design that she came up with last time, they hadn\'t even finished dissecting it yet, and now she\'d arrived with something new?

The group of researchers anticipated her answer with both excitement and uneasiness…

Xinghe shook her head. "This is not my design but a medical scientist\'s. Furthermore, the design still needs to be perfected as there are many outstanding issues. We need to work together to resolve them. Therefore, from today onwards, I need all of you to drop your current research and help me with this. I\'ll elaborate further on the issues we\'re facing…"

Xinghe went on to describe the hurdles. Actually, she knew that the researchers probably wouldn\'t be of much use, but unity is power. Many heads were better than one. She was racing against time; she needed to get the design finished as soon as possible or everything might be too late.

Therefore, after she explained everything, she assigned the researchers their mission and had them begin their research immediately, not wasting a second. She then retired to her own lab.

After that, before going to the lab, Xinghe would spend half an hour in Mubai\'s company. The rest of the time, she would lock herself up in her lab. The Xi family would send over food to her daily, and it was always a scrumptious meal. It was often Mrs. Xi who took the food over. There wasn\'t much she could do so she focused on taking care of Xinghe and Mubai.

Other times, Munan would be the courier. Munan had long since been assigned the leader of the Flying Dragon Unit so he was as busy as a bee. However, he would make time to return home every week to visit Mubai, his family, and then Xinghe.

A whole month had passed since Xinghe had started working at the lab again. Her every waking hour was spent mulling over the mechanical heart.

The Xi family understood and provided her the privacy she needed. Small matters came up like the Lin family\'s patriarch harassing them in court and nasty rumors spreading about Xi Empire, aka things they could handle on their own, they made sure such things didn\'t reach Xinghe and worry her. They made sure Xinghe could focus on the most important thing.

Munan took the opportunity during her lunch break to ask, "Big Sister Xia, how are things going?"

Xinghe answered truthfully, "Technique wise, there\'s not much issue and I\'ve already come up with the model design, so the biggest hurdle is locating the perfect material."

"What kind of material is it? I\'ll have my men search for it."

"That won\'t be necessary, we\'ve tested with almost all known materials, even our own patented materials are useless."

"Can\'t we be satisfied with a half-finished product?" Munan asked with a frown. "As long as it can help improve big brother\'s situation, surely anything is better than nothing."

Xinghe shook her head. "No, we can only settle with the best because who knows what will happen if we don\'t."

"You\'re right, I was wrong." Munan hung his head in shame. He noticed Xinghe had entered another moment of quiet contemplation, so he shuffled out of the room silently to not disturb her.