Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 576: Such a Miraculous Item

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Chapter 576: Such a Miraculous Item

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"Over the years, I have had people try out different ideas. Of course, technique is a big issue, no one can manage to create a complicated electrical circuit within a small case. Materials is the other big issue. If we can solve these two issues, then success is guaranteed."

"I will try my best with the technique and I\'ll have people go and search for the materials. In the meantime, please ensure Mubai\'s body is kept safe," Xinghe told Lu Qi.

"Don\'t worry, I will not let anything happen to him again," Lu Qi promised.

"Thank you."

Lu Qi smiled slightly. "He\'s also my friend, and as a doctor, it\'s my responsibility to save him."

Xinghe couldn\'t help but think, Perhaps after Mubai awakens, the two of them can bury the hatchet and become friends again.

Xinghe didn\'t waste any more time and left to the Xi family\'s lab to experiment. Actually, this lab had long since been changed to her ownership. Since she created the golden egg laying geese that was the artificial limb, the Xi family had transferred the lab to her. So who dared to stop her if the owner wanted to use the lab?

"Miss Xia, why are you here today? Is there anything going on?" Luo Jun immediately came to welcome her when he received news of her arrival. After Ruobing left, Luo Jun became the leader and took over the daily activities of the lab.

Xinghe said directly, "Help me gather the most experienced researchers, I will begin a meeting in ten minutes."

"Okay!" Luo Jun moved to oblige without asking any more questions. No one dared to question Xinghe anymore at the lab. They all yielded to her brilliance. In less than ten minutes, the meeting room was full.

After Xinghe entered the room, she didn\'t say anything but directly projected the design of the mechanical heart on the large wall.

Looking at the heart-shaped object, the room gave confused expressions. Is that a heart? But it looks mechanical.

"Miss Xia, what is that?" someone asked.

Xinghe stood at the front and explained clearly, "This is a mechanical heart, a machine that can replace the heart\'s function, a support device that can assist the heart without going through heart surgery. It can be attached to the human heart and will complement the human heart in its functioning."

The room was stunned after hearing her elaboration. Is there such a miraculous thing in the world? How come they had not heard of it before?

In reality, there were many things that they had not heard about before…

Lu Qi had once said, "There are many interesting and valuable designs that have been thought up by famous doctors and scientists."

Not all of the failures were due to theoretical failure, but most of the time it had to do with a lack of materials or the complexity of the required technique.

Science is always moving forward. Thinking ahead was not an issue as most problems lay with materials and techniques.

If anything, among all the crazy invention ideas, the mechanical heart could be considered a more pedestrian one. Therefore, its problems were also relatively easier to overcome.

However, for the current technology, solving them was still going to be a big issue. For most of these researchers, the problem would be insurmountable.

Someone couldn\'t help but ask, "Miss Xia, is this your design?"

Everyone waited anxiously to hear her answer.