Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 575: Legendary Xia Xinghe

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Chapter 575: Legendary Xia Xinghe

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

Bao Hwa surrendered sooner than expected!

This shocked the whole business world. A month ago, during the whole buying out contest, Bao Hwa appeared to be the final victor. Everyone assumed Xi Empire was on its dying legs. Who could\'ve known that, in just a month, things made a U-turn and Xi Empire managed to consume Bao Hwa in just one night!

This was Bao Hwa; just how did Xi Empire manage this miraculous feat? Such a big company was consumed without warning. It was a dog eat dog world out there, and Xi Empire was obviously the biggest dog. Bao Hwa was eaten without the chance to even resist.

In conclusion, Xi Empire was too scary…

This battle of the business giants had become a legend and had deified Xinghe\'s position in the business world. Lin Jing, who instigated this war and lost, became the butt of everyone\'s jokes.

However, Lin Jing didn\'t give up. She even attempted to use the stocks in her hands to pull Bao Hwa down with her and make everyone end up with nothing!

Alas, it was already too late, Bao Hwa had already surrendered to Xi Empire and none of the shareholders were pliable to her influence, so she couldn\'t do any serious sabotage. The most she could do was damage Bao Hwa a little, but would Xi Empire care about that?

They were willing to give up Bao Hwa if needs be, so they didn\'t care about what happened to it.

After Lin Jing struggled a little longer, she suddenly disappeared like she was taken off this world. No one heard from her ever again.

Xi Empire immediately familiarized itself with the new industry and everything returned to normal, in fact, they had gotten stronger than ever. The people who passed by Xi Empire\'s doors couldn\'t help but lift their eyes to admire the building. It shone brilliantly under the sun\'s ray, still standing tall and proud like an invincible kingdom.

When people talked about Xi Empire, they would naturally discuss that legendary woman as well. This was especially true for Xi Empire\'s workers. They had submitted fully to Xinghe\'s authority now, and she had become one of their two most admired individuals, the other being Xi Mubai.

As fate would have it, they were a couple. The workers\' idle hours were spent gossiping about this curious couple, everyone was happily shipping the two of them. Xinghe didn\'t know about this and didn\'t care to find out. Others were gossiping about her business, but she was all focused on her mechanical heart research.

In the medical lab, Lu Qi spent a whole day going over the complicated theory with Xinghe.

"This is the general theory of the structure.

"Even though this theory has been validated many times, it still remains at a theoretical level. As you can see, the mechanical heart needs to be installed around the human heart, but it would have been too heavy. And in the human body, the most fragile organ is the heart, so it will not be able to support the weight. Therefore, even if we have the finished design, it\'s another issue whether there can be real life application."

Xinghe stared at the design and said, "In other words, we need a design that is light, or at least at a weight that is light enough to not put too much pressure on the human heart."

Lu Qi nodded. "That\'s right, however the internal structure is too complicated to allow a light weight mechanism."