Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 574: Force Lin Jing Out

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Chapter 574: Force Lin Jing Out

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In truth, there wasn\'t really a choice. Xi Empire and Bao Hwa were at irreconcilable odds; one had to die for the other to survive. Xi Empire didn\'t care about Bao Hwa\'s assets, they were already a massive company, and now they had the commission letter from Country Y, and they also had a very profitable artificial limb company. In short, they were really not in need of money.

Everyone was struggling for more wealth but that was the only thing Xi Empire was not lacking in. Therefore, they would have no qualms about destroying Bao Hwa. In fact, Xinghe was already showing utmost kindness for giving another way out for Bao Hwa\'s workers.

To resist? That was a death wish!

These shareholders had been fed fat under Lin Jing, so they knew they couldn\'t survive on their own. Following Lin Jing earned them money, following Xi Empire also would earn them money. Of course, they would pick the better earner and that would be Xi Empire.

Therefore, there was literally no hesitation. They opted for the first choice to force Lin Jing out and agreed to pay allegiance to Xi Empire!

This surprised everyone at Xi Empire, they didn\'t think the shareholders would be so easily won over. The only one not surprised was Xinghe, to her, this was to be expected. The one that totally didn\'t see this coming was Lin Jing!

She had poured her heart and soul into Bao Hwa and had helped these group of people grow so fat over the years, but the moment there was a crisis, they turned on her. So how could she not be shocked, saddened, and angered? However, no matter what, the shareholders refused to budge; they demanded that she surrender her CEO post.

"CEO Lin, you\'re only losing your CEO post. You still have 30 percent of Bao Hwa\'s stock, so if you think about it, you don\'t lose anything."

"That\'s right, if we don\'t surrender, we will be left with nothing. If we do, at least you can still keep the stocks in your possession."

"CEO Lin, it was your decision to go after Xi Empire, so you have to bear the consequences. Stop struggling and surrender."

"Surrender?" Lin Jing almost vomited facing this bunch of ingrates. She yelled angrily, "Bao Hwa belongs to me, Lin Jing! I make all the decisions, none of you have the right to do that! Don\'t forget that without me, how could any of you have achieved the positions you have today‽ Without me, Lin Jing, you bunch of ungrateful people will be nothing, so how dare you ask me to surrender‽"

Initially, the shareholders were still willing to show her a smiling face, but since she was still ever so ready to insult them, their faces darkened. They didn\'t feel like saving her face anymore.

"CEO Lin, we admit that you\'ve contributed the most to what Bao Hwa is today, but how can you dismiss our contributions as well? Regardless of what you think, we\'ve collectively decided to force you out of the CEO position. According to company rules, from now on, you\'re no longer Bao Hwa\'s top operator!"

"Miss Lin, business is like war, hopefully you can accept this loss gracefully and come back stronger," one of the shareholders consoled her kindly.

However, Lin Jing had lost all traces of sanity. Her only goal was to take revenge on this bunch of ingrates.

How dare they treat me like that‽ I will make them all pay!

"Fine, wonderful, marvelous!" Lin Jing hissed through gritted teeth, "If all of you couldn\'t wait to go kiss Xi Empire\'s ass then go ahead, we\'ll see who wins in the end!"

She turned and stormed out, her eyes glowing with evilness.