Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 573: All Depends on You

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Chapter 573: All Depends on You

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Xinghe relayed everything that had happened at the lab to them. There was obvious anxiety on all of the Xi family\'s faces. Mrs. Xi started crying.

Xinghe continued calmly, "Lu Qi suggested using a mechanical heart to assist Mubai\'s heart function, it\'s something like a pace-maker but more complicated. I\'ll be a part of the design process, so I need to finish this before I can move onto the next step of the plan."

"Is this mechanical heart really useful?" Mrs. Xi asked anxiously. Everyone looked at Xinghe expectantly.

"Theoretically speaking, it should work, but we will come up with the best design and make sure it does work. It will help increase Mubai\'s recovery speed."

"Then... will he need to rely on this machine as long as he lives?" Jiangsan cut to the point.

Xinghe shook her head. "Technically, that will not be necessary, but it also depends on Mubai\'s recovery level. However, I believe he himself will not allow himself to rely on the machine for his whole life."

"That\'s right, Mubai has always been a healthy child; he will have a speedy recovery. Plus, with the advanced medical science, his body will recover well," Mrs. Xi concluded happily. "The focus now is to help him regain consciousness, only after that can we focus on recovery."

"How long do you think you\'ll need to finish the design?" Grandfather Xi asked excitedly.

Xinghe answered, "I don\'t know but I will finish it as soon as possible."

"Xinghe," Mrs. Xi suddenly took Xinghe\'s hands and said through a series of chokes, "Everything depends on you now. Really, without you, what would we do? What would happen to Mubai?"

"That\'s right, this depends on you now." Jiangsan looked at her earnestly like she was their only ray of hope.

Facing their appreciative gazes, Xinghe averted her eyes and promised, "Don\'t worry, this will be a success!"

Xinghe was not one to exaggerate, so this was the first time she had promised something she didn\'t have full confidence, but she would not allow herself to fail. However, before that, she had to deal with Bao Hwa first.

The next day, Bao Hwa\'s shareholders arrived at City T, the only absentee was Lin Jing. Even though they were unwilling, but to save Bao Hwa, they had to come. When they were taking down Xi Empire, they thought their greatest dream was going to come true, but in reality, they had always been in Xi Empire\'s palm, no, in that woman\'s palm.

When they met Xinghe\'s chilling gaze, these shareholders knew she was a character scarier than Lin Jing. Their initial intention to mount a mutiny was immediately pushed out of their mind.

Xinghe didn\'t waste any time and got straight to the point. "Since everyone\'s here, I\'m not going to waste time with idle pleasantries. I\'m giving you two choices, one, to figure out a way to get Lin Jing to leave in a week and Bao Hwa will go under Xi Empire\'s name, or two, you can choose to launch a resistance, but I guarantee you will get nothing and Bao Hwa will disappear from this world within a month. I leave the choice in your hands. Give my secretary your answer in one hour."

After that, Xinghe didn\'t give them any opportunity to speak and left the room.

She was giving them their last chance to make the smart choice; there was no room for negotiation!